momentus sends me underground

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  1. So I have created The best armor and sword that is totally awesome, yes I decided to take off my voters gear and put down my voters sword and brush the dust off my sparkly powerful gear and go after the momentus I have just sighted. I close in and slice across his leg and...... I am teleported underground and unable to move. I try hard as I can but it appears that since his feet are in the rocks that I am in, I am unable to break the block. I struggle as I watch my health drop until I die. All Items drop. I quickly return and search the area as best I can but all my items are gone. Destroyed underground.

    Why does this happen? Why must I die underground and if that is the case then why dont my items pop up to the top? I lost some serious swag there. I would think this to be a glitch?

    All I can think at the moment is AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I have to walk away now...
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  2. stupid momentus, happend 2 me 2 once :( i died on top but my items were no where 2 be found. but is true: if hes underground he can pull u in. want me 2 help u look 4 ur items? just PM me location and ill do my best.
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  3. You can request than a ss replace your voter gear because they were lost to a glitch, and you looked for them.
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  4. Correct.

    Here is the thread which backs this up:

    However, since it's soulbound gear you shouldn't be able to drop it in the first place.

    I'm a bit confused; do you refer to your god gear or voters gear?

    Also, maybe asking the obvious (sorry): have you checked /mail? If you drop a soulbound item by accident (because your inventory is full for example) it's normally mailed back to you. Maybe a long shot but...

    And yes: I'd definitely suggest you get a few -trusted- players together and scope out that area. Because it is possible for a soulbound item to drop on the ground (for example when shot from a dispenser). So theoretically....

    I can personally vouch for Aya up there, but I'd also be happy to help you look for this myself.
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  5. This has nothing to do with Soulbound items being lost from some glitch. It was proper gear he crafted/enchanted:

    Anyway, yeah, Momentus has a habit of spawning a bit sunken into the ground. Rather than trying to fiddle with their spawning code again, though, I'd think the easiest fix would be to tweak Momentus' teleporting code to always send the player up to the nearest safe block. Not you, I mean the devs.
  6. Happened to me before. Always bring enderpearls when you go Momo hunting. I got scared when I got TPed below the surface, and started dying, so I did the most rational thing anyone would do if they had enderpearls in that situation...

    I literally spammed it freaking out because I had my 40,000r armor set on at the time.

    Next thing I knew, I got teleported back to the surface :D
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  7. Yes it was my maxed out diamond gear that I made myself that was lost. I left all my voters gear at home for this run. (i feel kind of silly now that I look back. That was the time I needed my voters gear)
  8. I'm sorry man. I got teleported and stuck in sand once kinda like that. I could see the surface, but I could not move. Not even to pick a tool. Frozen solid, just had to watch myself die. I luckily did get my gear back thanks to Corrupted and RD running out to my rescue.
    I usually have a ridiculous amount of levels on me, and if I don't at this moment, I sure know how to get them. I'd be happy to help you enchant new gear if you like.
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  9. This is why I run away from bosses. Bad things happen when they're around, very bad things...
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  10. yeah the code really needs to be tweaked a bit but the main problem is the actual reason that giants arent in the vanilla game, their code is glitched and they end up inside things.

    usually if you dig around a bit where you suffocated you can find your stuff, unless there was lava within like 12 blocks cause then it went in there
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  11. The same nearly happened to me, except I got stuck in the tree he got stuck in, I managed to get out somehow, and managed to kill it, I wish i could help you out, I once lost a god sword that I got off of a pigman, if you want i can give you my sword, it's pretty good. It's nearly perfect except for the sharpness 4. Doesn't really live up to what it my old sword used to be in my eyes but maybe it can in yours. Eh, doesn't really matter , I'll just mail it to you.
    Heck I don't even know you but I know how it is to be cheated by a flawed system, and I've never really felt it being payed back to me, Kindness from me c:, or is it generosity, I don't care cx.
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  12. Thank you everyone for the responses. Looking back at it what bothers me the most was that I slowly crafted that set of battle gear myself, not just plop down some rupees and go. It never even got to see a battle, it was gone on the strike of the first encounter, rest in peace. By the morning light I see it is the nature of the game and I do have other gear being worked on in my shop still incomplete, but close to being done.

    It was just one eventuality of the battle I had not considered.:rolleyes: My bad, Momo better watch out because I am going to get him.
  13. When I see you online then I might extend an invitation... It's up to you to take me up on it of course.

    We'll travel to the depths of the Nether itself where fires are ablazin' and where you can craft stuff right in the midsts of a firey pit filled with lava solely because of the sheer mad heat (and a carefully placed anvil by yours truly, but let's skip that detail :D). Reminds me to check if the crafting table went up in flames yet.

    Aaaanyway: there we can forge a new, darker, set of armor which will be even better than the one you had before because this time it'll be pure nether spawn :eek:

    Could be one heck of a fun way to make new armor :) Or end up in the disappointment of a lifetime when we end up getting killed by nether hounds which (obviously) will make us drop all of our stuff in lava :D At least you'd have one heck of a story to tell :p
  14. This is why I love our community.

    Acemox2k had PM'd senior staff about the issue earlier. We were unable to help because the Momentus teleport is intended with the risk of suffocation if his feet are below the surface. I checked out the area where Acemox2k suffocated and found there were lots of small caves (i.e. a block or two due to falling sand) were the dropped items could collect unseen, eventually despawning.

    Ask any mod but the worst part of being staff is having to tell someone you can't help with their losses, be it due to game mechanics, griefer or their own clumsiness. We know we need to be strict on what we can do to help, less staff get exploited, but it doesn't make it easy.

    Then I see this thread where players are offering to help and replace the items lost. I am gladdened that Acemox2k will get some restitution. A community that help each other is a strong community and I am proud of ours here.
  15. Happens to the best of us. This's happened to me as well, and I just had to suck it up. There's not much that staff can do to retrieve your items if they have despawned. I as well have many, many levels and enchanted books. I could try my best to replace your gear, if you wish.

    Sorry... I have to. Bad habit.
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  16. That is what makes a mod or staff member good, knowing when to act and when to say (in a nice way) that sucks. Yes the loss was part of a funny (not so funny) part of the interaction of momentus in the environment. Just as when harvesting obsidian and the water sweeps me into the fresh lava hole and seals me in with a fresh obsidian block above me and leaves me with no exit, I am awarded an opportunity to practice my anger management and relaxation skills lol

    Did I ever truly have the digital gear that was lost?.... No more so than the bubbles I blew in the yard and watched as they drifted on the breeze till they landed upon the grass so gently then burst into tiny droplets never to be found again.

    Keep smiling and keep gaming, there is more gear and more bubbles to be had. :)

    (p.s. thank you for all the offers. I just might hit you guys up in a pm)
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  17. Provided that he'll survive of course :eek:


    Something did happen here, but that's between Ace & me. I may, or may not, have expanded a bit on the sillyness :)
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  18. This is intended? :eek:

    Sorry, but why would this ever be intended? The teleport already sends you into his feet where you're guaranteed to take damage (the undodgeable attack: one of the big game sins); what's the need to suffocate you in stone? The battle only begins when you deal the first damage, and immediately you are trapped underground, unable to mine because of his hitbox, with only a few seconds to think to enderpearl away. It's very jarring, and absolutely feels like an unintended bug. You have to then stand around and heal up when this happens in order to survive the next one, because, by the way, you also have to go through this thirty more times throughout the battle.

    It's an unfair, buggy way to die, and I ask that the staff please reconsider whether this should be "intended" behaviour.
  19. make a 4block deep pool under him go to ps 10 then chop his legs off
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  20. the other option isnt much better, momentus teleports all of his minions with you, so if he teleported you to safest that might be many blocks away of you taking on his enraged before even getting to him, i just bring a voters pick and shovel with me when i fight him then if he tp's me underground i just break the blocks im in and keep hiting him
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