[POLICY] Voters Items Replacements

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  1. WIKI LINK: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/voting-information-bonuses/#voters-item-replacement-policy

    With the close of the 2015 year, the Senior Staff+ put a lot of work into coming up with policy changes that expedite issues we receive daily. The Senior Staff Service adjustments we recently posted has had a MASSIVE influence on the time scale of road edits in a good way =) Those of you that are involved with these are pleased as much as SS+ I hope.

    Another one of our discussions considered the replacement of voters items, should they be lost, glitched, purged, etc from a player's inventory. We've received many tales of woe from players and after multiple issues, recognize that we need an official and stated policy for these. After deliberation, the standard policy is as follows.

    For the situations in which the item is lost due to a glitch, a lag test, derelict claim, or misplacement:
    • The player may request a replacement item from Senior Staff ONCE per item, agreeing to the following conditions upon request:
      • The item is not sold/loaned to another player at time of request.
      • The player has actually TRIED to look for the item in all vaults, chests, enderchests, etc across the SMPs. If Senior Staff find the original while searching, the replacement use for the item will still apply.
      • The player will return the duplicate to a SS+ in the case the original is located.
      • The player must have attained the voting bonus associated with the item.
      • Replacement of the item will be written in the player's Square logs for evidence record.
      • If the player is found to be abusing the replacement system to gain duplicate Voters Items, the punishment will be the same as exploiting a glitch: A permanent ban.
    For the situations in which the item is lost due to a purge of account, due to a ban:
    • The item will not be replaced.
    • (EDIT) A code change going into effect will reset your vote bonus to 0 (as it should have been doing this whole time) and you can earn back the items. This will count as your replacement.
    If you have a pending Voters Item replacement, please bump the conversation and ensure that Krysyy is included. This policy is active on any replacements not yet completed and will be added to the appropriate sections of the wiki/vote page shortly.
  2. What if I never had voters items and want one. can i apply to get it back?
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  3. k. This is good news for the EMC, thx for telling ;)
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  4. Nice - But I dunno if I wanna risk a glitch therefore losing something that is so special, that can only be replaced once! Good for those that use them.

    When it's confirmed that the glitches/bugs have been exterminated I'll be rocking out in my shiny leather armor slaying mobs at will. :mad::p

    When this happens are you reset in terms of voters rewards? Like could you obtain the purged items again from a new voters streak? Just curious. Rather not find out the hard way :p
  5. You cannot at this time. However, that may change in the future. It's one of the things missing from a purge imo.
  6. Are glitches that common a problem that replacement can only be done once? (I understand the "people misplaced" issue, heck I'd follow the ideology that its tough luck if you misplace it and give 0 replacements.

    But what scares me ( having not used a lot of voter gear yet) is that I'll use mine, encounter a glitch and lose it. At which point unless I know exactly how to avoid said glitch I have two options...stop using the gear, or stop doing any activity even remotely possible related to what I was doing when the glitch happened. Aka... stop mining, cause I broke that block and my pick disappeared....

    Just wondering...maybe I should stop worrying about achieving voter rewards at this point?
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  7. Idk how common the glitches are but I've been using mine since I got the (well over 6 months) and haven't had one issue.
  8. The glitches that I've had regarding the Voters Items have to do with player negligence, not the items bugging out. For example: don't test if it's lagging badly by throwing your voters stuff on the ground and picking it back up. (can't really do that anymore with soulbound block, but you get the idea)
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  9. I've had my voters gear for well over a year and have an no glitches at all. Except when I glitched and i sold one. :) lol
  10. Gotcha, thanks. I've no experience with a glitch here either, and heck if thats the kind of glitching happening, well its the players fault and I am no longer worried. I test/hack software for a living, I don't go messing around with games after work hours, prefer to keep my entertainment as far from work as possible :)

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  11. Always wondered about this sort of thing, knew someone that lost some stuff a while ago and was denied items back and didn't know how to help them. This clarifies it all, thanks Krysyy. :)
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  12. Good news, I'm happy to see that you guys (staff) finally came up with an official ruling on all this. I'm sure it will solve a lot of confusement.

    And for those players who are a bit weary to use the voters gear: I've been using mine ever since I obtained it and my voters gear is actually the only gear I use (I've got a 400+ vote streak so I got everything). The only "glitch" I've encountered during all this time was when I 'overused' an item. So basically use it up. Which is easily solved: simply relogging (/smpy and back to /smpx) and even right clicking the inventory slot its in should fix it.

    I've also had my moments of worrying, but so far never ran into serious issues. The only real issue I once had was "losing" my voters bow and then discovering that it sat in an Enderchest on SMP5 :)

    I think the main thing to do with this kind of special gear is to treat it carefully. Then you should be all safe.
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  13. Noice I can get my voters hoe back :D
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  14. Just to clarify: This is to recover items lost by glitches, not by human error, EG: a res reset that had the item on?
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  16. Since I got my Voters boots yesterday I was testing them out and all but there was no issues at all :D
  17. Pretty sure you should get all items back after your first vote.

    We erase most data on the account, including the record that you received the item.
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  18. Cool, nice update, since im streak 79 right now, im glad to have reassurance.
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