[POLICY] Voters Items Replacements

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  1. I lost an item a while back and it wasn't able to be replaced. Since then, I have reported the bug which caused the item to go missing and it has been fixed in a recent update. Am I eligible to get it back?
  2. Pm me/bump the old convo and we'll review.
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  3. I can confirm this is how it works. My first vote granted me all of my reward items up to that point.
  4. At least I haven't had glitch with my voters gear. I am happy like many others are reassured that their diamond voters gear is safe.
  5. Cool, this was needed for a while, I haven't had any problems with losing my Voter's gear so far, but its nice know how this works now. Nice work to everyone who made this possible... :)
  6. I really don't think that's what Aikar was saying. It was be pointless for you to get everything back after a purge but you do get to start all over again.. that would be much more fair to all involved.
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  7. If I understand how this works, two people could both lose their voter's items and have them replaced, then one of them could be banned and get a second set if they were allowed back. I don't think that sounds very fair.

    One of the games I have played had bonus items you could purchase when you bought the game. To get them you had to type a command like /bonus. In this case it only allowed one copy and was only usable by one player, but if it was lost there was never a problem getting it back.

    We keep information on items that have been repaired in an Anvil so it seems like it wouldn't be much of a stretch to keep information about our voter's items. When the command was executed it could check to make sure all the items exist and that they are named correctly, which is another thing SS has had to do.

    I've spent over a year voting. It would be a shame to lose the rewards I received for all that effort. Wouldn't matter whether you had thrown the item in lava or whatever, you would still get it back.

    <- Waits for usual posts saying too much lag/unecessary/too much work/too OP/redundant/this is what we already decided/ruin the economy/interferes with DT/etc.
  8. Awesome. I once thought I lost all my voter items, but I eventually found them in the mobarena enderchest. :p
  9. That's good to know. I haven't lost my voter's stuff but I did loose the 100k armor when fighting a Momentus when I got pulled into the ground.
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  10. That's at least the way it worked for me. It was right after the update where you start off your streak at a maximum of 10 below your highest streak so it might have not been patched for voters but I did get my voters armor as soon as I voted because it bumped me up to 50-60 streak.
  11. Excellent policy if someone really needs it.;)
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  12. Now just in case if anyone loses their voter's items, they can get it back, good good. :)
  13. It's about to be changed, where purge will reset your vote streak to 0 too.
    It was an oversight.

    Just wanted to clarify that banned players aren't 'screwed' in never able to get voting gear again as it was stated, but we are being too nice about it at this time and it will be fixed quickly.

    So anyone thinking to get banned real quick, dont bother, we can just not purge anyone else until fixed =P
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  14. Wow, that's a lot of negativity. =/ .. but to be very honest with you.. I agree with your reasoning on part of that. I hadn't thought of it in that context before (someone being banned and getting their stuff back by voting)and I'm glad you brought it up. I was in a bit of a rush to answer before I had to leave and had not really thought through the whole process from another persons eyes.. was just replying to one post (open mouth-insert foot. lol). I do here by retract my statement about it being fair. Maybe they should loose everything to that point but be eligible to restart their voting from 0 and receive the voters items after the ones that were purged once they reach that level. .. of course this is only my opinion.
    Thanks Pab10S, for pushing me to rethink a thought made in haste. =]
  15. I'm constantly afraid I'll shift-click a voter's item into an auto disposal chest. (chest->hopper->dropper?->lava pattern common at auto farms)

    I don't know if this would actually work or destroy my voter's item. I'm not going to test. :)

    {edit: device}
  16. I'm not sure you understood my post. My concern was never that banned players were "screwed". If you've read my posts over the years, you'll know my concerns are usually the opposite in that they aren't "screwed" enough.

    The problem I see with the new policy is that a regular player only can lose an item once, whereas a banned player could potentially lose an item, have it replaced, then lose it again and get an item back a second time.

    If you reset their voting streak to 0, would this still allow them to get voter's gear a second time by voting?

    This is why I suggested that it be automated.
  17. Yes, but they start from 0 so they have to re-earn it. Right NOW its 'undesired' in that they don't have to earn it, but what I meant is that they are not screwed by 100% losing the voter item.

    A fresh start means just like a new player. Codes done, just waiting for deploy now.
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  18. We all started at zero once and worked to get the Voter's Gear. If a player loses his gear because he was banned then can earn it back again, he hasn't really lost it and indirectly you have replaced it. Potentially you have replaced it a second time which is no longer allowed for everyone else. If you are making this rule, I suspect it has already happened at least once and I wouldn't like to see a banned player(however much they have changed their ways) to have an advantage over someone who's not been banned.

    Would you consider resetting someone's voting record if they were to lose gear a second time so that they have the same chance as a banned person would to earn it back?

    Is there a way to automate it so that we can have our gear reissued to us whenever we want without SS having to be bothered? I was told you are tracking information about items we have repaired in anvils in order to allow us to resell repaired items. Couldn't you also keep track of the status of our Voter's Gear (like whether it exists or not)? You could then respawn whatever items we have earned through voting that no longer exist when we issue a command, such as /votergear.

    A setup like I've described would indeed put everyone on the same level and still allow banned players to work to get these items back once their voting status has been reset.
  19. Question: why is the maximum of 1 replace there?
  20. I understand some of the discourse relating to this issue, but let me explain some parts that all added up to this decision.

    First off, when a player loses their voters items, they are more often than not found hidden in plain sight. We've had players report missing items as soon as they can't locate them, without them even trying to look. When you lose something, SS take the time and search for it before any replacements are completed just like we expect you to have searched. There isn't a special 'find all voters gear for this player' magic button. It's manual labor and something we only started doing because we understand that sometimes things happen. We can't go around handing out unbreakable and soulbound gear to everyone that claims theirs was 'lost'. There are far too many circumstances for abuse in that system and far too many instances I've seen a player attempt something like that. I even once had a player lock their items in the wild so I couldn't find it on their residence and I would replace it...I'm not saying everyone is that way, but without checks and balances, it's far too many loopholes for abuse.

    Keep in mind that this system is set up for 1 replacement PER item. So if you lose your Voters Axe, then later lose your Voters Helmet, both can be replaced one time. If you are losing things more frequently than that, then there is a user-error in place and you need to find a better way to keep track of your items. I hate to be the bad girl in this, but most items that we have replaced end up being found less than a week later. Making a system to keep track of your items is the best course of action.

    We COULD offer the ability for a player to re-earn the items, but we would need to verify the other items are removed first and more often than not, players are not keen on having a vote bonus reset for one item. Search and seizure is not on our to-do list either and once again, SOME players choose to abuse generosity.

    In the case of a banned player undergoing a purge, all data is removed and therefore, the vote bonus data should be as well. That has been an oversight that it wasn't set up that way, as I recently verified and worked with Aikar to determine the best course of action to make this as fair as possible. Players only get purged once, unless an extreme circumstance. We can make this apply to the one replacement in order to keep things fair if necessary.

    These policies are subject to change, but based on what we've seen, this is the best course of action. Aside from a few forgetful people, most players only need this service once in a blue moon. We are simply drawing out the lines so everything follows the correct course. If I were to say any and all replacements any time, no searching, we trust everyone, etc that's not going to work. Sure, we can put a stop on selling repaired items/renamed items in chests, but that doesn't stop the people that make dispensers and toss them to another player, etc. When we make policies such as these, we do our research prior and in this case, we have a solid method to make things easier, but not able to be abused by those looking for loopholes.

    If you have any further reservations regarding this issue for you personally, then please message me at pmcm.emc.gs and I will take more time to work through things with you.
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