[POLICY] Voters Items Replacements

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  1. "2: You should consider placing your items in Chests after they are Locked rather than before.[/quote]"

    It was a random player that opened the chest while I was putting the lock on as we hadnt started building our house.
    I just didn't realize that the lock had to be completed before putting items in it. But I know it wasn't anyone in my group.
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  2. If a player took the item from right under your nose, surely you saw who they were? If you don't know who it was, how can you be so sure it was nobody in the group? I'm not saying it necessarily was your group, but if it was stolen then you should try to get it back from the player, and report the player for stealing, supposing you would have seen their name if they were right in front of you (and you can do /c l and /c who to see who else is near you anyway).
  3. I can vouch for her that she was creating a locked chest during a Mining event. So even if she did use the /c l and /c who, she would have spotted the many players around her.
  4. It's a busy event. I'm with Foxy here and don't see how "/c l" and "/c who" help anything.

    It's easy to miss a random thief at MM. Unless I knew a crime was about to happen I'm going to ignore most of the names I see. Even if I tried to remember I'd fail. We have some very complex names and some very similarly named players.

    For instance FDNY21 is very similar to FDNY12. It'd be easy to mistake one for the other.
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  5. I read through most of the posts but didn't see the part about a mining event, so I must have missed that. Thanks for letting me know.

    I know what those events are like, people are everywhere and of course, /c l and /c who is not going to help in that instance. I now understand that because of the situation.
    I see what you mean here, but if you hear the chest open right in front of you, you might realise what's going on, seeing as how you haven't locked it yet, and there's always the screenshot function and so on. Of course, the main thing to do would be not to put the contents in first, but we can't change any of that now as it's already happened and that's understandable - so, Bird should PM the Seniors to get in touch about a replacement, and keep in mind about what to do next time.

    Thanks again. :)
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  6. " but if you hear the chest open right in front of you,"

    Unfortunately I am one of those nut jobs that play with the sound off because it gets on my nerves....which explains why creepers are able to kill me most of the time :eek:
  7. As I said, it's happened now, and there's nothing you can do to change the situation, so I'd recommend the PM. :) I play with some sounds off but keep some on, and I can hear them faintly over my music if I need to e.g. chests, creepers, for obvious reasons. Even with sound off, your chest will open on screen behind where the sign keyboard is, but that may be hard to see, and not everyone wants even selected sounds on either, and that's okay.

    I didn't initially realize the situation, so I apologize for my assumption. Hopefully it gets resolved for you.
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  8. [Hopefully it gets resolved for you.[/quote]

    Already has been because staff is awesome!
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  9. Glad to hear it :)