[POLICY] Voters Items Replacements

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  1. I went over all your posts 3 times (seriously) and I think you make an excellent argument. However, there is one point which you're overlooking. That is: in my opinion obviously...

    2 things: First of all this is assuming that the banned player is actually allowed back in. You make it sound as if getting back is merely an administrative issue but it's not. Staff are pretty strict on that part and won't allow someone back in "just like that" (note: this is a personal impression, but based on some evidence I've got/seen/etc).

    Second: A redeemed player can get every other item back, more or less, so why should this be any different? I also think its important to note that the Empire gets a whole lot of new votes if the player wants their voter items back. Which also accounts for something.

    But my main point here is that permanently banned players aren't usually allowed back in "just like that". So during their attempt to get these voter items twice they may just as well end up with nothing at all because the staff might not even allow them back in.

    Bottom line: when someone who got permabanned does make it back in then yah... I think they served their time and should be treated like any other player: Innocent until proven guilty.
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  2. I pointed out that this policy will allow an unbanned player to have their gear replaced twice whereas someone who was never banned would only have this privilege once. All I wanted was to make sure Staff did not over look this and could consider changes to avoid it if they wished. I got an acknowledgement that they understand the point and am satisfied.

    I don't have the same information Staff does, but would probably have made the same decision because of the cost in effort to do anything else in relation to the number of players it will likely affect.

    If you want to morph this into a debate over whether a permanent ban is actually permanent, whether getting unbanned is something you can do "just like that", or whether a banned player is innocent once they are unbanned , feel free to start a pm or thread. I'm not doing it here.
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  3. Uhm... Just a question.. I left this server for almost a year and I lost some of my voters gear (Shear, Axe and Hoe) since I might have forgotten to take them out from my chest of my now non-existent plot. Is it possible to get them back? The policies at page 1 is rather unclear as I am unable to tell what category of my inactivity in the server falls into. Please clarify.
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  4. This is a fair point, but has there ever even once been a case where a banned player has been allowed back in twice?
  5. It would only take being banned once since your voting streak is reset with a purge. I've made my peace with the possibility.
  6. So this is from no on right?
    So any previous times don't count correct?
  7. If you received an item in the past as a replacement, it does not count towards your current replacement allowance.
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  8. Thank you krysyy
    As alway your quick to answer the questions
    That's why your awesome
    Now to get your head hmmm
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  9. So what about it being on an alts res that gets banned?
  10. If it is a verified alt of yours, then please see the part about banned player purges.

    If it is a friend's residence, you'd have to message me, but be prepared to have proof of why your items were on their residence and see notes about loaning items. If it's in their possession because you gave it to them willingly, then it counts as being theirs at the time of banning and will likely be purged and not eligible for replacement.
  11. Aight I was guessing that's how it worked. Would you plz go ahead and reset my streak whenever you pay me the wedding hashtag reward?
  12. Last Friday (April 22) at the mining event I lost my voter's pick. I have sent messages to Big Davie and chickneer but so far no reply. Who exactly am I supposed to talk to about this? I didn't realize someone could open a chest when you were in the process of putting a lock on but that's what happened.
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  13. Sorry TBird1128, I was handling it and trying to figure out who took you pick. I got pulled away to handle another urgent matter and forgot I was in the middle of handling your request when I was done with the urgent task. I am unable to replace it today as I am away from my computer. If you add the other SS to the conversation one of them may be able to replace it. If not I will when I am next available.
  14. No problem, I just didn't know what was going on or if I needed to talk to someone else. Thank you for your help.
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  15. " If you add the other SS to the conversation one of them may be able to replace it. If not I will when I am next available.[/quote]"

    How do I do that?
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  16. In the list of people in a pm there should be a button that says "Invite more" on the bottom of that list.
  17. I do not see "stolen" in the OP's list of reasons to have Voter's equipment replaced. If it was stolen, it still exists out there somewhere. Does that count as lost? Does replacing a stolen one count against your one tine replacement?
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  18. It was when I wrote the original message but not now.
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  19. I think if it's replaced and I find the old one I return the replacement.....can't keep two.
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  20. Well... Yeah. I got that since I read the initial post.

    I was asking for clarification. The original post seems to specify that the item can't be in someone's possession somewhere. If it was stolen, someone has it so two will exist once you get yours back.

    Another one of our discussions considered the replacement of voters items, should they be lost, glitched, purged, etc from a player's inventory.

    The player may request a replacement item from Senior Staff ONCE per item, agreeing to the following conditions upon request:
    • The item is not sold/loaned to another player at time of request.
    I wasn't originally going to refer to your post but your comments have me confused. Was the item lost or was it stolen? Lost then stolen? Stolen then lost?

    If it was lost, it doesn't seem nice or fair to the people you were playing with to suggest it was stolen.

    If it was taken from a Chest right from under your nose:
    1: You are hanging around around with some untrustworthy players.
    2: You should consider placing your items in Chests after they are Locked rather than before.
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