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Had you seen anything about 1.21 before now?

No. 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Yes. 12 vote(s) 85.7%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    At Minecraft Live 2023, Minecraft 1.21 was apparently announced. I heard something about it for the first time yesterday, but was quite surprised that I hadn't heard about this before: a Crafter block got added, that implements auto-crafting! :eek: This is something that has been part of modded Minecraft for ages, but I hadn't expected it to come to vanilla.
    This morning I watched this introductory video by MumboJumbo about it, which is actually already half a month old. I first heard about the Crafter in a great monologue from Etho about it, an encouraged watch! (or listen ;))

    If you know anything else about 1.21, or have played the snapshots, as I used to do 10+ years ago, please do let us know. :)
  2. About time they added something like this. Will the sheer amount of items in the game, many with multiple upgraded versions of itself.
  3. You mean the special minecarts and boats, and the trapped chest? I didn't think there were that many. But yeah, it could definitely be useful for those, especially as minecarts and boats (same as bows for dispensers) aren't stackable.
  4. More like gold farm for example. An absolute pain to combine nuggets into bars and bars into blocks. This would so very much help with that. Just one thing example but the most recent issue I had 😂
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  5. Ah yeah, that would be a very easy application too, as the recipe doesn't require different items!
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  6. eh, with gnembon hired by Mojang, it's the least one would expect :D
  7. I'm glad that copper is finally getting more uses! 🎉️
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  8. If true, me too! Copper is a pain to store and find uses for, while iron is a pain to mine enough of.
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  10. Our own Erose has posted a video showing off new wolf designs!

    I am just assuming that this is for 1.21, if not, please let me know, I am rather out of touch. :p Someone recently made another thread about 1.21, by the way, but that one didn't get many posts either. :rolleyes:
  11. Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Let's goooooooo!
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  12. Wolf variants and wolf armor and armadillos are intended for 1.20.5
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  13. new weapon, new trims, new banner patterns, new sherds

  14. The mace has some great combat mechanics. Damage being tied to distance/time spent falling is a very good mechanic.
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  15. That looks great. I imagine copper prices will drop like a rock once players start finding those trial chambers.
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  16. mod-only item: the ban-hammer, unbreakable and soulbound
  17. I love that idea so much. :cool:
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  18. i love the made they 100% gona change it but now u can just fly up 400 blocks or so and kill efry mob in the game and with a totem u cant like die from fall damitch imagen doin this on emc bosses fly up type diff 10 and just 1 hit a boss
    note emc has rocked higt restrictions but uand what i like even more is the new breeze just put the breeze bals in a stasus chaimber and make it hit a arow so hard u would be able to kill a boss in 1 hit
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  19. Wait, we're getting a big update to 1.20? :confused: That's unusual. o.(o)
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  20. not sure what you mean. some of this stuff is coming to 1.20.5, but most of it is 1.21
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