Anyone keeping up with the experimental snapshots? 1.21

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    First there's the auto-crafting table: once you put in a recipe and ingredients and power it, it will spit out your desired item.

    Then there's a massive new underground structure called the Trial Chambers. It's filled with a variety of new blocks (mostly copper variants), new mob spawners designed for fighting in a group, a miniboss called the Breeze, and a reward emitting block (not a chest) that needs unlocked with a key.

    But before that releases, there will be the 1.20.5 update which includes wolf armor and armadillos that spawn in savannas and badlands.
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  3. This sounds great. I just hope the Warden or Warden-like mob isn't in the Trial area.

    I'm looking forward to the auto craft block.
  4. ooooh. sorry farmer.
    ol' windy lives in the Trial Chambers.
    Got a bunch of new, fun attacks from him. Ought to be a party when he shows up.
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