Minecon 2016 - EMC Meetup

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  1. Confirmed that I know of:
    HxCami10 (Minecon agent)
  2. Oh I so want to go!
  3. I want to go but it's so expensive :(
  4. Got my ticket last night.
  5. Yeah... With traveling costs, hotels, and whatnot, this could end up being well over $500, likely more. My parents would faint if they knew they only had less than 4 hours to pay for the ticket alone... I don't think I am going. Man, I really wish I had looked around to hear about this sooner...
    EDIT: And of course I have a little brother, there'd be no way in hell for me to go without him and that'd require him a ticket, and an adult a ticket. That alone is.... $480. So yeah. I don't think I'm going. :( Oh well...
  6. I like this idea :D I'm down to meet some of the wonderful people of EMC!
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  7. Update:
    DWMom will HOPEFULLY get to go.
    She has a ticket and all, but has to work around some IRL obstacles.

    Keep your fingers crossed =)
  8. I may go. My friends got me some tickets, but since I've got school, I may not be. I'll just give my tickets away if I can't attend.
  9. Just suddenly be really ill or whatever :p


    Would love to go, but spending just 1200 euros on stupid planes seems a bit too much for me - I can't go alone, and live in the Netherlands, a "few" kilometers/miles away :/
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  10. I wish I could go and meet some people from EMC! Maybe next year.
  11. I will not be attending. It will probably be a bit hectic for me but it is also a long way away. Maybe next time.

    Best wishes to all those who will be going.
    May your travels be safe. May your wallet only leave your pocket when you wish it to. May your food be agreeable with your stomach. May your beverages be pleasing and refreshing. May the sounds in the air be informative and bright while the words that leave your mouth have not a hint of spite.

    We expect pictures for those of us left behind!!!!!
  12. Parents won't drive me way out there :(

    But imma save up for the minecon 2 years from now... Hope it's in US? Then I can drive there my self :D ( if my mom comes with me)
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  13. How do you become an agent? I heard they get in free?
  14. Well a plane to California alone for me would be ~$1200, the tickets alone are $160 which is straight ridiculous, the hotel would be ~$300 because the closest person I know in CA lives in San Francisco, and it's at the end of September which is so badly planned that I'm debating whether the event committee have functional brains (seriously, it can't be during the summer where anyone under 18 that lives out of state would have even a marginal chance of making it?).

    So, I'd have to perform the most crammed itinerary literally ever to get there, spend ~$1660 for just me, and yeah.. No way.
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  15. You apply, before tickets go on sale, applications have however closed.
  16. I wish I could go to Anaheim(not just for minecon if you get my gist)
  17. Im going :p

    wow lots of staff going
  18. Now I need the Angles to make it to the MLB playoffs :p then I could even have a reason to head down there