Minecon 2016 - EMC Meetup

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  1. I will probably never go tbh.

    Gotta keep my games and my real life separate. ;)
  2. I've already failed in this. Any friends who don't play games with me are now out of my life :p (besides maybe one, but they're a girl, so it's excusable :p)
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  3. Nah, girls need to get introduced to games too! I already learnt you-know-who how to use a joystick ;)
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  4. HA
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  5. I'd like to go... But I live in the UK and my parents would be like 'nope.' Hoping to go to any gaming conventions in the UK. Preferably London.
  6. She used to play them but her brother moved out and took his consoles and games and stuff with him, so... :rolleyes:
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  7. There is a very limited batch of tickets available due to some people refunding.
    Hopefully some of you who missed tickets but were able to go can grab yours!

    Click here now to see if they're still available - I have no idea how much stock there is.
    Good luck!
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  8. Still some left as of speaking, and another 4 will come available again in 5 minutes, as I definitely didn't accidentaly "claim" 4 for 6 minutes... lol
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  9. Did you successfully get tickets?
  10. Well, though I'd love to come, it's impossible for me for like all reasons you could think of (money, travel (Europe), etc), but there still are some left for others, so, if some others are interested, this is your chance!
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  11. *Sighs* School | Another country | Dont have the money.. Eh, one day when im older ^.^
  12. And due to some unforeseen events I am not going this year :/
  13. Would absolutely love to attend but it would be a hefty cost to travel to California from Toronto :p
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  14. I would love to go to Minecon and get to meet some EMC'ers and have fun but sadly I cant go this year :( One year though I will be going, just not this year.
  15. Tickets are still available!
  16. I'll try to not expect EMC 1.10 to fully come this month then.

    Regarding the whole convention, I found several interesting panels in the released schedule, besides the big 1.11 reveal on Sunday: Game Development and Design, Q&A with Jeb, and Hermitcraft.
  17. Ah its starting already? If only I knew ahead of time ( yes I live under rock ) :/ Maybe next year though :)
  18. Awe wish I could go:(.... maybe someday... I sure hope I can go one day, it would be awesome to meet the people who I see in game! :p
  19. If you aren't already, make sure to follow @EmpireMinecraft on twitter. We'll be tweeting a lot the next few days for Minecon coverage =)
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