Minecon Attendees: Details on designing your own referral cards

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  1. Some people are going to be going to Minecon, and we hope that the community will use this as opportunity to refer new people to EMC!

    Please use this alternate referral link: https://minecon.emc.gs/YOURPLAYERNAME

    It is recommended to use QR Codes

    This will help us track that it came from Minecon (and you)

    Image / Logo Use: Unless you are EMC staff, you must include "Not affiliated with Starlis LLC dba Empire Minecraft" on the card. You may use the official logo on the card (with the text), or any other official EMC artwork. No ingame screenshots of monsters please. Stick to either EMC logos / promos, or your character.

    Official Logo here:

    Or this

    Or the square:

    Additionally, please send final draft of your card design to me by PM for approval. Long as it represents EMC well, it will be approved. Please do not print cards with EMC artwork without final approval.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Typo :p. Anyways, wish I could go, but I'm moving currently. o3o
  3. fixed
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  4. If only i was going to minecon :(
  5. Aikar: PR extraordinaire.
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  6. Or we can make T Shirts too! :D (Would be cool but I don't have that kind of setup at my house to do that)
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  7. *throws all the cards out in disneyland since i will be going after minecon*
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  8. If you would like a custom made Empire Minecraft Minecon Referral Card please start a conversation with me.

    Simple Design (WORKING QR CODE)

  9. I won't be going to Minecon as it's nowhere near me but this sounds great. I look forward to what you all think about it after it happens, and hope to see some of those cards too if people make some! :D
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  10. Need to keep EMC brand colors unmodified for logo use.
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  11. If anyone has Photoshop, wants to do this, and wants to use the gold/silver text/stone background/other stuff that I use for things like the vote page/livestreams etc, you can get them at https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9N9UqfT9Nu9aVJxR3NrQ3JSZ1k&usp=sharing.

    If you want to use the metallic frame on another image (I use it to make the EMC logo stand out sometimes), copy and paste the bottom layer style from one of the text layers and adjust its bevel and stroke sizes until it looks good (they should be the same size).
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  12. Noice! Won't be going till I my driver's license in 2 years XD
  13. I'm not trying to argue or anything, I'm merely curious here. What's the purpose or reasoning behind the rule about not depicting any ingame monsters in your tag? Is it for copyright reasons or something?
  14. Mojang brand guidelines really don't like you using stuff like creepers (its caused forced takedowns of some stuff in the past).

    EDIT: might not be the brand guidelines specifically actually, but its one of those types of documents
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  15. But they're okay with you using things like block textures? What's the distinction between an asset you're allowed to use and one you aren't?
  16. It's Mojang, logic doesn't come naturally to them (plus I don't think you're really supposed to use their block textures either, which is why quite a few places use Faithful's textures - IIRC they consider screenshots separate from textures too).
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  17. Sadly I am never able to make it, as it will cost thousands to go where ever it is hosted.... But I hope that one day they will host it in the International Center in Toronto...
  18. If I did go to minecon I would have a hard time internally handing these out knowing that one of the first things they will see when they log in is that there is no momentus or marlix in the tutorial and when they ask me I usually end up saying... yeah its been that way for over a year. Then the person I handed the card to is not only going to be like, great they said professional development and they can't even keep the mobs in a cage. In fact that would probably be something I would harp on because honestly I think it's one of my favorite things about emc, that it is stable and that the staff are professional and the developers are present.
  19. We're trying to stop using the block, due to same concerns, but we least used different styles /coloring to make it not exactly like the gold block in game.

    Since it's kind of hard to say they own the block shape and and the colors are not same as mojangs, I feel safer about that.

    But a creeper? No argueing about that
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