Minecon Attendees: Details on designing your own referral cards

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  1. Momentus is in there... Marlix has a spawning bug that we can't respawn him but yeah I highly doubt people are going to think so hard into it on their first join that the Marlix is missing
  2. Some of the Momentuses recently escaped to wreak havoc on players. Might wanna check again. Idk if your statue fix worked.
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  3. what if im not going to minecon, can i make a card with aikars face on the background?
  4. Man I wish I was going to go to minecon noo schooling and work get in the way XD
  5. Only if you use one of the meme's created xD
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  6. Can I get a roll call on who will be attending but not able to make own cards? I have ordered 250 official EMC cards (no referral for any player, well ok its a referral for EmpireMinecraft account lol). they look good :) got a nice gloss to them (I was tempted to do this metal reflective look, but it would of doubled cost...)

    Back has a QR code for same URL.

    I will be wearing this T Shirt,

    So please find me and say hi and I can give you some cards :)
  7. I certainly envy those of you that can attend this event.

    I hope you all have a great time and get a chance to shine some light on this amazing server.
  8. Is it just me, or does this come across as kind of a huge turn-off for anyone else? I do get the necessity of treating "EMC branding" as a corporate thing, with caveats & restrictions, but it just comes across so... ugh, I don't even have the words for it.
    "We'd love for you to refer people to EMC!" *follows with jarring rules-to-the-face slap*

    Aikar, I know you mean well, but I really hope your in-person PR is better than your online.

    'Course, I am not one of those fortunate souls attending this year, so I guess take this all with the requisite amount of table salt.
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  9. Im the pr :p
    Not rlly tho im just the pretty face :D
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  10. When you create something it is yours. Mojang created those textures. See where this is going...? It's not cost effective to chase people who use stone textures. When you use any texture from the game it is not yours. It belongs to Mojang (because they hired someone to make it for them). This means any asset from minecraft is one you shouldn't use (unless you are given/buy it). This should explain it somewhat:
  11. I think haro is permabanned jimbo...dont think he will be replying. I might be getting him confused with someone else tho
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  12. Yea I just checked the age of that comment lol
  13. Come on...

    Basically all Aikar is saying: If you use the official logo on your card please show it to me first so that I can approve it. That, and simply making sure that people know you're not officially affiliated with EMC. I think the last part is far from any jarring rule, sounds more like a courtesy call to me.

    Heck... Some months ago I took it on myself to raise awareness with some anti-virus company (on their forums) by mentioning that they were blocking the EMC website. It was easy to proof too because players reported the issues on the forums. First thing I did? Making absolutely sure that they knew I wasn't officially involved with EMC, but simply a devoted fan. Sorry, but I don't see the problem here...

    Also: you do realize the opposite right? There are also brands who won't allow you to use any of their logos, brand names, etc, etc. for personal use at all. Put differently: you want to advertise for yourself (referral)? Sure, go ahead: just leave us out of it pls! There are honestly servers like that out there.

    And you can always devise your own way of showing off your EMC presence without using any of the official stuff. I could imagine building something in Minecraft (a logo of some sort, maybe something like this), then placing yourself in front of that and using the screenshot.

    If I read Aikars post correctly then that won't be any problem at all, wouldn't even need approval.

    So yeah, sorry, but in this case I don't quite agree.
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  14. That looks really cool, I hope it will get someone to check out EMC!
  15. Not like it was "hard to follow rules" what do you find jarring? It's pretty standard practice that when people do things unofficially with your brand.... to get approval.

    It pretty much says "use these official images, and let me give you a final approval", so we dont for example have someone using images or designs that doesn't represent EMC well.

    Or, ensuring the card doesn't come off as too official / staff "But that staff member said I could have 50000 rupees when I joined!"

    Another case, one card submitted to me wanted to advertise that they were a developer themselves, but it came off looking like they were a developer for EMC. That's the reason we have a review step.

    Theres nothing complex or jarring about the "rules".
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  16. If you'll read my post a little more carefully, you'll note I don't actually have a problem with any of the rules or restrictions, just the way it's presented. :p Aikar's a good guy, but his delivery style tends to be very blunt and abrasive at times.
    It's just the sudden tonal shift, I guess. FWIW, I'm one of those people who really hate being confronted with a bunch of rules and regulations without some kind of reasoning presented along with. A little sentence before all of the "image/logo use" (and onward) stuff that just says "There are some rules we need you to follow if you want to use official EMC branding..." would have softened the transition to where you wouldn't hear me raising a peep.
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  17. Gotcha, point taken!

    Same. Fully agreed!

    Not just that: adding some reasoning is most often the best way to stop (or prevent) misbehavior instead of merely going "you can't do that, it's against the rules!".

    Hmm, maybe us contribs could help out here? ;)
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  19. I think this is a great opportunity to get loads of new players, It would be interesting to see how much increase in new players will happen in the next week
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