Minecon Attendees: Details on designing your own referral cards

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  1. Hm... I'd doubt it. I don't think many people pay attention to advertising like that or even other people at all, and not many people nowadays seem to like a good vanilla server anyway. But I'm not sure, I've never been there.
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  2. But that's just the thing: getting new players onto the server has never been too much of a problem I think. If you spend a few hours playing then you'll notice several of them pop in. The real trick is keeping them around.

    (also see the /newplayers command by the way).
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  4. lol, I tuned in when the counter was 30 seconds off :p
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  5. I will be going to MineCon some year when my mom decides its close enough :p
  6. This has already been said before, but you can also follow Aikar & Friends on Twitter
  7. Is anyone from EMC dressing up for the costume contest?! :p
  8. Krysyy dressed as a jeb sheep :D
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  9. Oooh I wanna see her :p

    EDIT: Has she gone already? Cause I have seen I jeb sheep on the live stream go on the stage. :p I didnt look at the persons face so I have no idea.
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  10. She was on maybe 10-15 mins ago. She had a sheep head on so you couldn't see her face.
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  11. For the ones that missed Krysyy on-stage:

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  12. Oooooh that was her, thats a epic costume :D
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  13. It really was, though sadly she didn't make it to the finals :(
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  14. my god...there are people in the background dabbing when the 2 people are talking XD
  15. Ah, so that was her! Thanks tim, I didn't realise it was her when first watching it!
    I did really like that one!