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  1. So Mojang announced today that Minecon 2015 will be in London! Great news for those of us who've been waiting for a UK event for a while. I predict it'll be in Earls Court. Who thinks they might go?

    You can find the link to the announcement here: https://mojang.com/2014/08/minecon-2015/

    Sam :)
  2. What month in 2015?
    Edit: Says sometime in Spring. :S
  3. All they said is Spring.
  4. London isn't confirmed.
  5. Well London is the planned place, and it's definitely in Europe this year.
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  6. IMO, London will probably end up being the place.
  7. Yeah, probably.
  8. Now my family has an excuse to go to england :p It probably won't happen unless it happens over my spring break but still.
  9. Minecon 2013, which happened in the United States, was possible for me to go, but I have said this before about this usually annual event:

    I feel like I don't have a reason to be exposed to thousands or more of people yet. I think my legacy isn't elaborate enough. I haven't made a big enough difference within this massive gaming community yet to be honored for. I also have a lot to learn still, not just about Minecraft. On top of all of this, I have to save at least $500 for it; that's just for me and someone else. The bill gets worse when the destination is in a foreign country (I live in the U.S.).:rolleyes:

    Would I want to go someday? Yes, but no earlier than 2 years from now. Empire Minecraft is only a portion of the Minecraft community; perhaps I should start exposing myself to the official forums.
  10. LONG fly from texas, yet ive made it almost every year. I might attend
  11. I can probably attend this one if my mum is willing to drive for 5 hours all the way to London, or take two three hour long train journeys. It's a shame its so far away :p The driving stuff would bore me to hell and back. This is a thing i've been dreaming for for 3 years now :p

    When I was in Year 7 I thought it would be able to be held in the O2 arena in Liverpool, and it would only be a twenty minute drive away from me. Then I realized that is used for shows and has only a few stages and not enough room for over two thousand people :p They could have always used the building they use for Comic-Con in Manchester though, which is the closest they'd probably be able to get to center of the country and make it easy for people to go.

    Nah, i'm fine with London and me being in Year 10 and closing in on Year 11 to go. I only would have waited 4 years :p

    EDIT: I'm reading threads on Reddit and stuff right now, and the amount of Americans complaining its not in their country this year and 'Mojang don't give them a chance' is hilarious. Do they not understand the concept of "You've had it in your country three times. Give other people a chance?"?
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  12. Reasons why I don't want to go to Minecon... :
  13. I would go, and it is only a couple of hours or so away by train for myself, though the cost to actually gain entry is expensive and possibly something that I just simply wouldn't want to spend so much money on. I guess I will see how it goes, however I am sure many other will agree that the price is quite steep even for something you know you will love and enjoy?
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  14. The video itself wasn't much of an issue for me, but the comments were people getting concerned of Minecraft creating a generation of anti-social people, and that was upsetting for me.
    I think this game has benefited me positively, but I can now understand where a large population of the community is coming from. It's like companies get most of their money from the young.:rolleyes:
    This almost explains to me possibly why EMC has an age restriction to 13+ years. Of course, not everyone here is older than 13 years, but it has helped. I haven't meet anyone on here who's having problems like the kids in the video.

    EDIT: I, myself, am autistic, and I have noticed some social difficulties, but I have started to find ways to improve myself. Before I got deeply into Minecraft, I rejected making friends. I assumed it would hinder me academically because that's what I saw nearly 100% of the time back then. All of moving my family has done also discouraged me. But, the truth is that
    "nothing in life is consistent" -Docm77; there will be change you'll have to adapt to.

    Today with my issues with communication, I now understand how friends could benefit you in the long-run: it's a matter of making it happen for you and yourself. If one of them isn't behaving mature, the other could try to help them improve, but their disorder(s)/disabilities may prevent it.

    *Whatever you read, like this post, or what you are told are often direct pieces of information that you can learn from, but there aren't your only sources for learning; they can be indirect too. You can learn from your mistakes, like the mess of locked chests at my enderman farm on SMP5. I wasn't told how to solve it; I created a solution on my own.:)
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  15. That is true since the community of this server is small compared the all the players in minecraft,so the percentage of meeting one those players is slim...
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  16. I feel bad for that kid in the second clip, it seemed like a genuine, well intended question. Flick through most Youtube comments these days and it's basically "hurr durr minecraft is clearly made by people with autism, everyone who plays it is an assburger, etc". Maybe the popularity of autism as an insult caused them to misconstrue his question.

    As a high-functioning autist, I am on one hand comforted by the idea that whoever is behind the keyboard is using the controversy of autism only to insult others, as opposed to actual hate speech against autistic people, accusing people of having autism, etc.

    It is a stage in the cultural evolution of society. It started with people calling each other 'b******s' because being born out of wedlock was a taboo topic, but then people came to accept it, so it wasn't offensive. So then it moved on to people calling each other sexual insults, because sexuality was a taboo topic. And the whole cycle repeated, with 'f****t' used when being gay was controversial, and now it's apparently the turn of autism.

    But on the other hand, calling people autistic could normalise the practice, and lead to people thinking autism is a joke, which won't bode well for autists. And by that, I don't just mean name calling, there are regular assaults on autistic people because people feel (incorrectly) provoked by how they behave. I saw one video and it was pretty bad, the guy was only 16 and he was clearly hugely distressed. I read that he was choked until he fell unconscious. And that was only one example.

    And that's not to mention the autistic people in my home country, Northern Ireland, who are victim to attacks which are often sectarian, as the political complexities are challenging for an autistic person to understand. Things like the meaning of ethnic slurs, chants, paramilitary slogans are easily misused, and they can easily be misconstrued.

    So, to conclude my microessay, awareness and understanding is needed. In my opinion, people should be able to call each other autistic over the internet, as it's a cultural thing. But people need proper education to understand when it is taken too far, and actual autistic people are victims of abuse as a result.

    I know this is a bit of a long post, but it is something I wanted to comment on :p
  17. After watching that video, I'm not sure what to think to be honest. I feel a lot of mixed emotions :/
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  18. If it is in London, I'll probably have to go and meet up with some of you ^_^ I live in London, and It'd just mean hopping on the underground, and I could probably get my parents to pay for the entrance fee seeing as they're paying for my brother go to Eurogamer this year (Also in London) :p
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  19. Too expensive and too far away for me. Maybe someday...
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  20. Still waiting for Australia...
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