Midnight Miners

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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Next one is; Saturday, November 25 (11:59pm) [EST]
    (Thats EMC/EST time - type /time in-game if you are unsure)
    You will be notified of the location a few minutes before the event starts.

    Hosted By: Baradar67

    Flower Fun

    Note: Group Blockbreak will be left OFF for this event.
    Please use the vouch system if you wish to build with friends.
    I also recommend turning 'Allow group members' off in your /ps settings.

    Midnight Miners is held every 3 weeks
    and hosted by: Baradar67 or Slvr.

    Also Known as 'Miner Mania' @ Midnight

    This is a Peaceful event, there are no prizes or competitions (although sometimes there are giveaways). just you, and a few(many) other people grouping up for a little mining adventure

    Who: Anyone and everyone is invited to join. no matter your experience level in-game or out, you will have fun with us.

    What: just mining, its that simple. no PvP, no competition, just a expedition for resources, and an excuse to get out of town.

    Where: the server location, and the exact location will be broadcast right before the event start.

    When: this event is held at 11pm, EMC time. It normally lasts a few hours, but you can leave whenever you like.

    Why? For the fun! and cause not everyone shares the timezone. hopefully people can join, that have not been able before.
    And the group buffs that makes mining sooo much faster!

    Things to remember:
    • You need to bring your own gear (tools, armor, food etc). We will not supply you. (Though the community does a great job of supporting each other during these events.)
    • Bring extra food to share with other players. It's a nice thing to do!
    • If our trip takes us to the Nether you may want to bring cobble to build a small shelter.
    • All EMC rules still apply - so no griefing.
    • I will add more here as we do more of these events.
    Don't forget Mumble Discord
    You can use Mumble (Click here for info) during these events as talking is easier and funnier to do then typing.So feel free to join the growing Mumble community (at any time really) during this event - although iamcavie prob wont be on it.
  2. Awesome. :) Is this in four hours as the time would suggest, or in 28?
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  3. Midnight miners? Finally something that suits my time schedule.
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  4. its next Saturday night. it is also on the calendar :)
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  5. To clarify: she means it starts in less than 23 hours. ;)
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  6. Well, expect me to be there after I see a reincarnated beetles band on Saturday.
  7. Wish I could come! I don't play MC at midnight, I'll be so tired in the morning. :p
  8. peaceful*
    EDIT: Whats with the prebreak?
  9. ive edit it thanks
    and i dont know the prebreak hates me
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  10. Midnight EMC time is 5AM in England, I'll have to pass ;)
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  11. I'll have to pass....that's way past my bedtime in the school year :p 11:00 at night.....
  12. Perfect for me!
  13. I'm new, what time zone is EMC on? Based on FDNY21's comment I'm guessing they are in Eastern Timezone (US).
  14. I may have been able to make it if it was yesterday, as I get up early every Saturday, but it is still 5:00 AM.
  15. Yeah, EMC time is based on est timezone, so plan accordingly!
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  16. The one event I cant go to XD but its awsome that other can go1 Hope you guys have fun!
  17. Awesome! For me, the mining event fits my schedule, so hopefully I can make it! :)
  18. Sure, I'll come to an event at 6 AM :p (not) Anyways, all the others, have fun! :)
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  19. I love this, I'll be there :D