Merry Christmas 2021!

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  1. Merry Christmas!
    A Christmas Day promo is available now with /promo holiday21

    This year, the EmpireMinecraft elves bundled all of Christmas into a cute little package with a bow on top. Found in this year's promo is a shulker chest with plenty of goodies for convenient delivery to one and to all.

    First off is the last of santa's reindeer, Blitzen! As the father of Rudolph, he has long been a member of santa's elite sleigh pulling team. To help recuperate his energy after a long Christmas night of deliveries, Blitzen comes with a bundle of hay to keep him well fed.

    Blitzen will be available in the shop world soonā„¢. Price will be 20,210r.
    With all of Santa's reindeer now here, will someone new stumble in next year?

    Next off should be a familiar sight. Grandma's Oven has been fit inside of your gift. But it seems that the oven is already warm and ready to bake. The oven comes with four special cookie recipes each containing record levels of sugar. Be warned! When there is lots of sugar, you will inevitably have to deal with the sugar crash! A cold glass of milk is also provided for cookie dunking (you will have to get your own cow to refill your glass).

    In case you were worried about not having the right festive style for this year. You will find a new edition of the Ugly Sweater in your gift. This year's sweater is in cool winter blues. Also included is a new pair of Ice Skates, so you can explore the vast winter wilderness while keeping warm with your sweater.

    The Ugly Sweater will also be available in the shop world soonā„¢. Price will be 20,210r.

    Next up is this year's edition of the Holiday Candle. I hope that this torch can help shine light upon your life on even the darkest of nights, and that you can share this light with others to help them find their way when feeling lost. Be the positive that this world needs.
    Alongside this candle, is a tree if you are still needing to put one up.

    Finally, rounding off the gift is some mistletoe and an Enchanted Gold Apple. For those gathering with friends and family this holiday, I wish you safe travels and hope you have a jolly ol' time. Enjoy the time of fun and we will be here to bring you into 2022 in just a week!

    Note: this promo will be up for at least a couple of weeks. (honestly longer as we will most definitely forget about it)

    Also, remember to visit the awesome Land of the Sweets Chest Hunt!
  2. Also an update on 1.18. My todo list is nearly empty for updating our code for the update. I have two things left to finish, then do some final testing with Staff, and then we will get it sent out early January. No date estimates at this point.

    Moople has a nice code update to go with it - more details to come.

    Again, Merry Christmas!
  3. merry christmas! this has to be the best promo post and promos ever! lmao gg Chicken
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  4. Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

    The promos look great. Thanks for all your hard work, chicken! :D
  5. merry crimis
    the gifts look amazing :eek:
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  6. Wait a minute! I will claim it. So cute! Awwwwwwwwww.........
    Merry cute christmas. :)
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  7. Merry Christmas everyone. The promotional items look amazing. Who doesn't love to eat cookies in their ugly sweaters under candle light whilst sitting on a reindeer. Thank you staff for the wonderful gifts and the amazing services you all provide keeping this server going.

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  8. Merry Xmas!! While on the topic of reindeer, I believe this was suggested by Astromath1959 and I really love the idea. (I tried to find the thread and link it here but couldn't) Couldn't we start the reindeer over? The odds of new players trying to find a Rudolph is neigh impossible. (Pun intended) Those of us who are dedicated to EMC but missed out have very little chance of getting a full set. It'd be nice to have a chance to get all the reindeer and maybe change the stats some so that the original releases retain their multi million $ value.

    That aside, I wish a very Merry Christmas to EVERYONE and would like to give a special thanks to everyone involved in the events, the builds, the ideas and promo creations! Amazing work on the Oven! a classic for sure!

    Merry Christmas-
  9. perhaps we could create a new series, but this time, with favorite characters...
    we should create a green sheep with its name as the grinch! ;)
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  10. One of the cookies from Grandma's Oven:

    Gives Speed IV for 10 seconds.
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  11. I have a complaint.
    The Ugly Sweater isn't ugly.
    How dare you make a handsome ugly sweater!

    Blue 2021 Ugly Sweater with particles when worn.
    Too handsome.
  12. I mean... I like Christmas Sweaters.... so agreed. But thanks :)
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  13. What a lovely presentation! :)
    But wow, we really got through all the reindeer? :eek:
  14. You have no idea how old seeing all the reindeer together makes me feel. I still remember when Rudolph was the big man on campus. :confused:
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  15. I think it's a good idea to run the reindeer around again!!
    I want to see an impressive Rudolph release first hand like this....
    Whatcha think hashog- Would you still feel old if the reindeer had children and those were next? Imagine the reunion of all those together?
    Rudolph's daughter coming along next year šŸ˜‰
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  16. chicken, i also make a skin for christmas. Inspired by word "cute little package with bow on top" and i decide revamp the original ones (made by me). after few edit to make it flourish. Here's my results.
    It's so adorable!
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  17. Merry Christmas (it's the 7th day)! This build is awesome. :D Good job, everyone!

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  18. Is there going to be a ball drop this year?
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  19. No time mentioned for the ball drop