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  1. NOTE: This thread is closed now, but its follow up is at https://empireminecraft.com/threads/share-your-goals-thread-2018.76017/

    I wanted to know what people are up to on EMC. So to start i wanted to share my goals
    • Economic goals:
      • Get 500k rupees by selling promos and rares
      • Get 500k rupees by voting
      • Get to 1 million rupees
      • Get 300k rupees by selling blocks and other stuff
      • Get to 300 vote streak
      • Get to 500 vote streak
      • Get to 1000 vote streak
      • Get 1000 pages of rupee history
      • Get 100k tokens
      • Get 50 pages of token history(Feb 11, 2017)
    • Far-Future Goals/Misc.:
      • Fill a chunk(from lvl 1 to 256, maybe till ground lvl, will be done in town) of all mineral blocks(iron, gold, lapis, diamond, emerald, coal)(each so a chunk for each mineral)
      • Keep growing my outpost
        • make proper nether rail
        • Blaze farm
        • Blaze farm utilities
        • Make proper spider farm
        • Make iron farm
        • Make village area
        • complete Guardian farm
      • Help at PWU on smp8 :)
      • Like all the post from the a "Smp8 PWU" thread - continuing
      • Like all the post from the a thread "Smp8 you worry me..." thread - continuing
      • Give Krysyy her 25th thousand like- done December 26, 2016
    • Item Goals
      • Make a Auction of all basic items in Minecraft(items that have no previous form in crafting)
      • Get a permanent derelict protection voucher somehow
      • Get an Orebuster
      • Get an Avalauncher
      • Get a Diamond Supporter Voucher
    Color key
    • Done
    • in progress
    • will always be in progress
    • abandoned
    • not yet done, not planning to make it in the near future
    Share your goals! Even if they have been completed, are in progress or seem impossible!
  2. Money Goals: Get 1 Mil rupees
    Other Goals: CHANGE MY RES BIOME
    Extend my shop
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  3. my goal : finish all my projects
    underline = far from done

    italic = far from done
    Bold = far from done
    red = far from done

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  4. I like goals. Mine are:
    • Make 5 Million.
    • Make 15 Million.
    • Have 1 of every item from the promotional items list, including all variations.
    • Finish my castle on Utopia.
    • Have 150k Tokens.
    • Obtain entire 60k members item set unused.
    Color Code: Done ~ In Progress ~ Always adding things ~ Very close to completion
  5. My main goal right now is to finish my mall, then do something cool with my other 3 reses.

    And your bump times are good :) that was a 5 and a half hour bump actually

    EDIT: my math is horrible that was 4 and a half hours...
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  6. My goal is to get all the Staff Heads for my museum! But my main goal is to get an eviltoade head! >:)
  7. uhm, welcome to the Empire? <confused look>

    I only got 2 goals in game:

    1: Have a lot of fun!
    2: (re)Building this on my quadrant res somehow:

  8. Oh, wow. I had never actually thought of this hard enough. Well, here goes nothing...

    Here are my money goals:
    • 500k.
    • 1 mil.
    • 1.5 mil.
    • 2 mil.
    • 2.5 mil.
    • 3 mil.
    • 5 mil.
    Now, for my item/stuff goals:

    • Achieve and sell an Aikar head.
    • Achieve and sell a Krysyy head.
    • Buy a spawn residence.
    • Own more than 2 million rupees worth of promos.
    • Own a dragon egg (I owned one in the past. I sold it in about January of this year).
    • Own ten Ore Busters.
    At last, for my miscellaneous goals:

    • Run two community events.
    • Do a 100k rupee giveaway.
    • Make a shrine to our lord and savior, samsimx.
    Rest assured that I have many, many, many other goals that I prefer not to publicly announce. ;)
  9. I like this thread, nice to see some people with a positive outlook on emc ^_^
    My goals:
    1. Finally open my shop (official store opening party, and everything )
    2. Get on the permanent supplier or building crew for datzmine's epic building project
    3. Use my 2 other residences as free public auto farms ^_^
    4. Finish all of my projects I've started with/for other players
    5. Get at least gold supporter
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  10. My Goals (For Now)

    Move My Res to SMP8
    Breed a 130+ Speed Horse
    Get a DC of Poisonous Potatoes
    Get 500k rupees
    Get 1 mil
    Get 5 Mil
    Become a Diamond Supporter
    Get All Avaliable Staff Heads

    Complete/Almost Complete
    Almost There

    Far From Completion
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  11. One goal I have is the 1000 vote streak.
  12. Hmm... I'm not sure I have any real 'goals'. But, if I had to make one, it'd be to open up an enchant business for items. That and a 1:1 post:like ratio. :p
  13. Have fun playing minecraft and make new friends. Not necessarily in that order.
  14. Finish all my build projects! Kat also thinks I need to learn to say "no" to people.

    1. Public Wild Builds still to do - Gold Farm, Scream Machine, add onto Pep's Iron Farm, make the rails nicer, and whatever else comes up (blaze spawner/s anyone?).
    2. My 4 res, 1 in progress, 1 almost done.
    3. The two builds for rdmaster.
    4. The town res project with rdmaster and corrupted.
    5. Finish my iron farm in wild.
    6. About another 8 projects out at Tropical Ice that I haven't finished or started yet lol.

    Ok, I really need to learn to want to do LESS building! :D
  15. She's not the only one Khix :rolleyes:
  16. I made a thread on this :D
  17. I'm a simple chap, with a few simple goals...

    1) Reach one mil
    2) Reach 5 mil
    3) Own every one of every promo item in game
    3.5) Own a fully stocked promo shop
    4) Have a side by side res with Kat, one of which is a double res between mine and hers
    5) Have a road edit done :eek:
    6) Actually see a Marlix or Momentus spawn in the wild (SMP8 why you do this to me?!)

    Red = Achieved
    White = Not quite there yet
  18. Top 10 EMC goals (not in order)

    1. Finish my mall :p
    2. Finish my mega farm
    3. Auction off every block in minecraft
    4. Eventually create a farming service :p
    5. Get all mini boss drops
    6. Get 5 million rupees
    7. Win every EMC event (besides FNM)
    8. 500 vote bonus
    9. Join an EMC team
    10. Do something with my utopia res.
  19. I'm going to be pretty detailed in mine as I'm procrastinating at work :p

    Do Not Have

    Money Goals
    1 mil
    2 mil (Keep buying promos :/)

    Anyone that knows me knows I love promos, so here it goes...

    Item Goals

    Promotional Items:

    2013 Birthday Cake
    2014 Birthday Cake
    2015 Birthday Cake
    Cupid Bundle
    Cupid's Arrow
    Cupid's Bow
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    Empire Firework 2013
    Empire Firework 2014
    Empire Firework 2015
    Empire Firework New Years 2012
    Empire Firework New Years 2013
    Empire Firework New Years 2014
    Independence Day Firework 2013
    Independence Day Firework 2014
    Independence Day Firework 2015
    Freedom Blade
    Ham Hacker
    Haunted Head
    Haunted Candy
    Headless Horseman Mask
    Holiday Candle
    Holiday Pick
    Independence Boots
    Independence Chest
    Independence Helmet
    Independence Pants
    Labor Bench 2013
    Labor Bench 2014
    Lucky Bow
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Maxarian Head
    Meteor Bow
    Not Special Dirt
    Pi Pie
    Pot of Gold
    Remembrance Poppy
    Spooky Egg
    Turkey Slicer

    Special Event Items:
    (Not going for all for obvious rarity reasons)

    Big Daddy Helmet
    Bullet Proof Vest
    Cactus Pants
    Everlasting Axestopper
    Feather Fallllling Boots
    Flaming Mob Launcher
    Ore Buster
    Empire Armor Boots
    Empire Armor Chestplate
    Empire Armor Helmet
    Empire Armor Leggings
    Purple People Party Paper
    Tales of Eternia
    IcecreamCow's Special Eggnog
    Promo Instructions
    Bonus Chest
    Book of Colors
    Dragon Poop and Super Dragon Poop
    Feast for a King
    Holiday Message
    IcecreamCow Flesh
    IcecreamCow Skin
    Maxarian Shoes
    Arena Blade
    Arena Longbow
    Sword Of Udder Justice
    T Virus Vaccine
    Valentine's Gift


    EMC Treasure Voucher
    Max Res Upgrade
    Permanent Derelict Protection
    Stable Voucher
    Supporter Gift
    Supporter Voucher
    Vault Voucher

    Special Mob Drops:

    Blizz Ard's Nose
    Blizz Ard's Eye
    Blizz Ard's Arm
    Cooked Turkey
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    Enraged Zombie Egg
    Marlix's Armor
    Marlix's Boots
    Marlix's Bow
    Marlix's Helmet
    Marlix's Leggings
    Momentus' Toothpick
    Momentus' Helmet
    Netherhound Egg
    Shiny Arrow
    Shiny Flesh
    Taste The Freedom
    Thanksgiving Event Turkey Slicer
    Zombie Virus

    Other items:

    Avalauncher (2014)
    Avalauncher (2015)
    2015 Birthday Cookie
    Dragon Egg
    Love Potion No.9
    Rose Bouquet
    Diamond Referral Block of Clickyness
    Gold Referral Block of Clickyness
    Iron Referral Block of Clickyness
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