lets talk about fallout 4!

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  1. hey there empire friends! i am back with another thread about another amazing video game!
    - i know there are other threads about fallout 4, but most are really old, and really not cared for.. so, i am going to make a sister thread that is juuuuuuuuust like my skyrim thread!
    (feel free to spam the crap out of that AND this)
    very very very recently i found myself in possession of this game, like? last week? ish, maybe two weeks. i play on steam, so if you do to... add me! :D http://steamcommunity.com/id/Meghapixel/

    anyway, this is just going to go just like my skyrim thread!

    except, obviously, this is an obsession thread for fallout 4 ... as, its getting to be an obsession as today i found out just how interactive you can be with the world... O_O
    i am new to fallout, so i don't know if this is just like the older games or what... but when i found out i can scrap EVERYTHING and clean up and build and do whatever i almost darn well pleased.. good lord i can see my hour log skyrocket.... *perfectionist eye twitch*
  2. First let me just say this, what's up with the fusion cores? They piss me off. They are not common, and I can NOT find them. It's annoying, and makes the wasteland a little tough to survive sometimes. God I hate the Feral Ghouls, but what do I hate the most? Well let me tell you. Marcy. Bloody. Long. (Her name is Marcy Long) She's with the Minutemen, she's a god awful lady that HATES YOUR GUTS. But if I shoot her and kill her, her health goes from 0 - 100, and then ALL the minutemen are pissed and shoot at you. INCLUDING CODSWORTH! I bought that ungrateful hunk of tin, and this is how he repays me?!?!?!?!?!?! I've been looking around online and a LOT of people want this jerk DEAD IN THE GROUND. So at least I'm not the only one. My favorite thing? The Nuka Cola Ads. I couldn't tell you why, but these things are just amazing. What I really want is for Bethesda to start to sell those things with posters. I'd buy way too many.....Well that's my comment, trust me I'll make more as I progress.
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  3. since i am new to getting the game i haven't gotten far, i literally have just brought the bunch of people back to the sanctuary town.
    and yes, i highly agree with you about
    lol but the real question is... is she really NEEDED in the game at all? does she do anything other than be a ........... (insert mean name... whatever mean name comes into your head first. we'll go with that) ?

    *opens console*
    *clicks on brats face*
    *hits enter*
    *closes console*

    i'm going to rummage through my screen shots and see if there is anything worth sharing.. if i haven't already deleted them.
  4. Don't see how you have trouble finding power cores, I have around 6 extra ones (maybe it is because I don't use power armor that much?). If you need to know anything on weapons look here. There is also a gun that is quite amazing called the Overseer's Guardian, kills pretty much anything with a few shots (besides the "larger" enemies and bosses).
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  5. if u have the scrounger perk u can find cores in ammo cases
    Anyways I love fallout 4, I have about 52 hours into the game and I'm not far at all. I have just met the love of my life (in fallout atleast): Curie. If you want to find her go to vault 81, talk to the doctor, talk to bobbi, and talk to a little girl about her cat, and then you will start the quest hole in the wall, which leads you to get her. I wont spoil anything, but you will not regret getting her, and in my opinion she has the best story out of all of them. I have decided to go with the minutemen and railroad, and destroy the brotherhood and institute. There are a few things that bothers me though. There are barely any unique weapons compared to other games. I hope they add alot more with dlc. There arent as many sidequests as I was hoping also, and there's alot of water. But, I'd say its a near perfect game. 9.5/10. And i've never given a game over an 8/10 before. And about marcy, I have no idea where she is in my town. I even rang the bell and everyone gathered and no marcy, So i don't have to put up with her crap anymore
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  6. Like Skyrim, I've played this game like the good guy through the first run. Since I didn't have a computer good enough to run it back in November I bought a new one for christmas and have probably abotu 30 hours in it since then. However, I couldn't wait to play it and bought it for the Xbox one since no DLC were out yet I decided "why not?" I had close to 100 hours on the console and I'm still interested in doing things in it. I have close to 300 hours in Skyrim, about 200 in Oblivion and maybe 50 in Morrowind, Meghs can double check for me.

    Anyways, I have both male and female characters, James and Alice Winter. (Brother and Sister in the world I've created.)

    I've had Alice go through the main quest as a woman willing to do anything to get her son back, even kill off an entire faction just to have him stay with her. (Despite his now old age) Then there's James. A man who's willing to avoid bloodshed and violence to retrieve his son, as a former army sniper before the bombs fell he'd seen enough death.

    I'd give this game about a 7/10.

    I've taken 1 point away because of the very basic settlement system, if Bethesda manage to upgrade it in a future DLC, then I'd gladly give the point back.

    I took away 1.5 points because of the relatively simple main quest line. While the idea is interesting and the plot twists is cool and makes you rethink it over and over again. It's just too short. I love the main quest line in Oblivion, it forced you to interact with the world and actually save it from something that threatened it, making me feel like I make a difference in it and the game even shows it. With Skyrim, not so much and now with Fallout 4 I'm worried that Bethesda's quality and attention to the Main Questlines in their games have dropped drastically.

    Finally I've taken away .5 points, for the fact that the variety in Character Creation (skills and such) only gives me about 3-4 classes to build into: Melee, Assassin, Sniper, and Tank. All pretty self explanatory, Melee's don't use the gun system at all and completely disregards the vast amount of bullets in the world. Assassin's sneak in, slit their enemies throats and get out. Sniper's pick their targets off one by one and then move in to loot, and Tank's just stand there distracting the enemies while your companion takes them out, ( I recommend either Preston or Danse for this [Depending on what you do with the quest lines])

    At any point it still is a good game and I'm sure the DLC's will more than make up for what's missing with the game and I know anyone with appreciation for a game will enjoy it. :)
  7. so, i don't have any screen shots that i can actually share here >_> all of them i deleted, so i'll keep up on gaining a collection!

    anyway, i jumped on to take a photo of my puppy! i love german shepherds but i wanted something different! i downloaded a mod, this mod, to be exact; http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/339/?
    ... now, to find a mod or a way to change that terrible stupid name -_________________________-

  8. Ive used the overseers gaurdian from lvl 10 to lvl 50 ( and still going) and its an amazing gun and esp with the perk that allows u to do 20% more damage with automatic weapons
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  9. This thread... Yes! c: I got this game recently and I've loved playing it, there's a lot of plot twists and a lot to think about, I've probably poured in almost 35 hours so far. It does feel like I'm making a lot of important decisions at this point in the game which will change my outcome at the end, and although that's all well and good, I'd prefer for the storyline to be a bit longer as well. Other than that, I love the new additions to the game. I think the settlements work really quite well, companions seem to work well too and I've loved the power armour in the game.

    I have three power armour frames so far, with about 5 sets of BOS II T-60b armour (thanks Brotherhood of Steel Knights, I owe ye' one), almost 2 complete sets of T-45a, a few pieces of Raider power armour and I also have the X-01 helmet as well. I'd like to complete my X-01 set and find a T-51 set as well, so I've still got things to hunt for and accomplish in the game.

    I use the Righteous Authority gun given by Paladin Danse as my main weapon, but use a selection of other weapons, and tend to carry around a Fat Man launcher with me, just because I can.

    At the minute, I'm torn between choosing the Institute or the BoS faction. I'm happy to destroy the Railroad, they seem like they have good intentions but they have no plan/big picture, and half of them seem overly arrogant anyway. The Minutemen are cool and I'm happy to lead them, but I need to choose the other faction that I want to keep as well...

    Both the Institute and the BoS have good intentions, BUT the Institute probably won't ever bring their findings to the surface meaning the Commonwealth will stay as the wasteland it still is, and the BoS will try and restore order, but for them that involves the killing of ALL synths, ghouls and super mutants. Gen 1 and 2 synths, feral ghouls and the enemy super mutants, sure, kill them, but I still want the likes of Nick Valentine (Gen 3 synth, well, some kind of prototype anyway) and the friendly ghouls to live.

    So torn between the two right now. Major pros and cons to both of them.

    Well, here are a couple of pictures :3

    The view ain't too shabby

    So this animal got stuck in a house at Sanctuary

    If I get anything else then I'll post again later! ^_^
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  10. Another one of my current power armour station in Sanctuary

    Two full sets of BOS II T-60b armour on the two frames on the right :) The left frame is for the X-01 set, I only have the helmet so far. I need to get the T-51 set still. I have my T-45, my spare T-60 and my Raider armour in one of the safes to the right of the crafting station :)
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  11. i found out yesterday that you can change the hud color.. thank god. that bright green is disorienting >_<

    does anyone know how to change key bindings for workshop mode? the hitting r and then enter (all the way across the keyboard) is killer for my arthritis lol
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  12. R-E is default for quick scrapping. :)
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  13. like just the key e? that is right next to the r? oh my god i love you thank you. must go try this noooowww!
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  14. Yup just press R for scrap and E to confirm. :) Saved my sanity long ago.
  15. O_O my life is saved! thank you so much! I will spread that information to others! xD
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  16. so, i was talking to a friend this morning who let me in on a secret... you know that gun you can't get to in the vault? ...i am sure i am the last person on earth to hear about it.. but whatever.. just in case someone doesn't!

    take dogmeat and go back into the vault.. go into the area with the gun and tell him to look for stuff that is important.. he will go and grab the gun.. (but check his inventory when he drops it because he keeps the ammo for it)
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  17. I believe there's some kind of way to exploit this even more to get him to keep on getting ammo for it too, I heard about that :p

    Also, if you go to the Prydwen of the Brotherhood of Steel, you can get the X-01 power armour helmet there for free. Go to the trader on the inside of the Prydwen, there should be a table behind him. Where the helmet is, there's a gas canister next to it. Save it, and try the following a few times - shooting the gas canister to get the helmet to fly to the front of the window. Then, when it works, hold e and carry the helmet to somewhere hidden, then take it. You just bagged yourself a rare power armour helmet which is at full health... That's how I managed to get mine! :D

    Another picture from today...

    Fired up Liberty Prime ready for the fight on the Institute ;)

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  18. i haven't much cared for the power armor yet. i have only used it that once with saving the stupid minutemen people.. lol
    i mean the mini gun is nice, but i don't care for the slow - bulking armor xD it is just blah
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  19. Same, I much prefer to pick off the Super Mutants and set traps for my opponents. :p
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  20. Just gives you another way to play really, and I don't use the mini gun usually anyway - other guns should allow you to move a bit faster *I think* :p You don't like the Minutemen? I think the Minutemen are pretty cool, it's the other factions that tend to have their problems I find... They do ask a lot of you for settlements but they are helpful people :3