Legit's 99.99% true EMC story!

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  1. *WARNING, WARNING! This will be a long post, so prepare for a wall of text WARNING WARNING!*

    Some 419 days ago, I, Legit, first logged onto EMC. At first, I was expecting this to be the same, crappy servers that I went on all the time. You know, the ones with hundreds of pluggins that make the servers lag to hell and back, along with having to pay just to be respected on the server. Anyways, I log onto SMP3 and do the tutorial, which, for once, was a good one. So I go into town, and am instantly FLOODED with welcomes. I claim a plot, plant down some saplings, and make my first forum post. Now, this post wasn't anything special, it was me, complaining about how we should get planks instead of saplings. Amazing, I know. That idea got thrown out, but I soon realized that you can get more wood from saplings, than from just planks.

    After this, I go and build my house, out of the most hard to get material I could find in the EMC wild, Sandstone. Once my great little house is done, I start talking to people, trying to get some friends. Now, I get some friends, or just people I talked to a lot, these people including Scarligmione, who would sell out my ink sacs at my store every time I restocked, and Trophy*****, who was later banned for her name, and others that I don't currently remember their name, as most of these people are inactive. But, some of these people didn't seem to like me in anyway shape or forum. Number one on this list, Copherfield. Yes, he-who-shall-not-be-named is getting named in this. Now, he didn't hate me right off the bat, no sir, he hated me when I started getting well known on EMC.

    Now, this whole Copherfield story will go on until he was banned, and not stick to the same advance as the rest. So he comes on SMP3, and immediately picks me out as the new guy. He acts nice for a bit, then he starts talking about his "clan" that was he was making. (Note, this is not on the first day, but sometime between the first and second week) I follow along, and he asks me if I want to join. I say no, being happy just by my self and my friends. Well, Copherfield did NOT take no as an answer. He kept hounding me to join, and I said no everytime, but he said to me after the last time I said no, that his "clan" would crush me, or something along that line.

    So I keep playing, and he keeps building his clan up to crush me, as I did the horrible deed of not joining. He shuts up for a bit, until he annonces the Delta Squad to EMC. At around this time, me and a player named FooHundred made a wild camp in the SMP3 wild. We live out there happily, mining, fishing, farming, all that stuff, but Copherfield goes back to nice guy mode and asks if the Delta Squad could have a base in our camp. We say no, but once again, no was not the answer he was looking for. Like last time, he keeps asking us to let him and his members to come, as he wanted to expand into the wild. I honestly have no idea why he didn't just make his own base. My best guess is that he didn't have the time or resources to do it, so leeching off of someone was the better idea.

    Now, enough about Copherifled, for now. So I make my house and shop, and then, SMP3 started having less active people on it. I didn't notice it much, as all of my friends were still playing, but then, a major event happened in town. And this was anything but a good event. A major greifing had happened on one of my friends plot. This would be the King_RedBird greifing. I was in the wild when this happened, so King told me on the site. I immediately ran into town to help with the cleanup. When I got back to town and to his res, HALF of the people on SMP3 were at his res, cleaning it up. The clean up effort went on for a few hours, but then King was permbanned for swearing. The sad thing is that I don't think the greifer was banned. It seemed after this, that SMP3 REALLY went inactive.

    It was after this that I went mostly full-time Wild, as the town became boring, I could never keep my shop stocked, and lots of my friends had left, and the wild had present a challenge. So I go and make another base in the wild after the reset, and mine and farm by myself. (Wait wait wait, before we go on, I want to bring up something I forgot to talk about, my walks from the spawn to all four outposts on SMP3. This was a big thing for me, as this is what got me into the wild. I believe I still am the only person to have done this, or at least documented it.)

    Now, as I can tell people want more Copherfield, here it is. Wild reset happens and me and FooHundred part ways, him going back to town, and me going to start a new camp. This one being the SMP3 camp. I live there by myself for a bit, until, I finally join the Delta Squad, just to see it was as great as it was said to be. So I join, and get my rank. (I think it was Master Hunter, as I can track down and kill just about any mob with no problem.) Then he comes out, and builds a house, goes to town, and I never see him back there AGAIN. Now, because of this, the main reason I even let him come, which was to help me build a minecart track that would bring ores back to the surface to be smelted, was gone. Then, guess what, he quits EMC. So then I get Pat2011 to join me, who basically became the new FooHundred, and we made the camp into what it is today, which is possibly the largest invite only wild camp on EMC.

    As more Copherfield stuff is wanted, I will provide. This is something I don't think lots of people know about, but I remember him talking to shop owners, offering them a sponsorship for a cut of their profit. Lots of shops said no, but some did say yes. One shop that I remember when one went out of business, because they couldn't stay a float with how big the cut was that they had to give.

    Enough of Copherfield, for now. So we get the SMP3 camp self supporting, and move onto another camp. This camp is the SMP2 camp. So we got some members, and built it up to a good size camp, and then, we got greifted. Someone had found our camp, and set fire to everything. Despite this, nothing of value was lost, and he didn't even take form any chests. Now, were completely rebuilt, and were better than we were before we got greifted.

    *More coming soon.*
  2. I didnt read a word but Great!
  3. I didn't know this was going on (delta ting) very interesting, but i'm sure you actually joined at one point? I could be wrong though.
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  6. I did at the very end, to see if it was as great as he said it was. Honestly, it was not. I made my SMP3 wild camp (The one that is now in Wild Reach) into a Delta base, but only person who came and did anything was Copherfield. His old house is still there, but doesn't have much of a use.
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  7. erm wait was this the one under the jungle? or was that on another smp?
  8. Yes it is.
  9. My interests are peaked. Please go on.

  10. What 0.01% part was not true?
  11. That's for you to decide, and its not done yet.
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  12. Wow so LLO wasn't the first wild outpost he tried to take over? I remember hearing that conversation. I don't remember who he was talking to just know my house was in ear shot. He asked who had joined, the other listed off Delta Team members and he said something along the lines of "Great, everything is going according to plan!" I imagined him wringing his hands like an evil villain. I called him out on it and he started flipping out and then left EMC.
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  13. Wait, where were us mods when this was happening? :`
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  14. In Pyro land. Don't worry, I will talk about mods soon. :)
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  15. That's what we all wanted to know. I think most of this was around the time everyone was doing the "MODS R NEVR ON WE R LEAVING IT R BORING NO NEW STUFF OMG JUSTIN IS GON ND EYECAR N COW R TAKING OVR EMC" cause Justin was moving and the mods went and had lives.
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  16. I was here the whole time, actively, and never knew any of that was going on. I guess I'm just not a social butterfly.
    It was a wall of text worth reading though.
  17. I turned the SMP3 base into a Delta Base on his request, mostly as I was lonely out there. My best guess of what he would have done was drain the area of ores and other resources, and take off and sell it.
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