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  1. I am in no way trying to start a fight or a debate or any of that, I am simply trying to figure out what is and is not acceptable as far as language goes. Commandment 8 states:
    8. Thou Shalt Not Use Excessively Foul Language

    Be careful of what you type into the chat. The Empire is a public place for all people of all ages. It's not the place for foul language. Save it for private messages with your friends. If you’re not sure what is considered ‘excessively foul language’ ask a moderator.

    I have seen people use WTF? G D-it, and other stuff and have reported them, told them not to use it etc. And yet they are ignored and continue on using it. Tonight my sister is warned for using Wtf yet others used it in chat.

    One morning I said crap and some kid flipped a table telling me I didn't need to use bad language because she was young yet later that day she started spamming "WHO THE HELL CARES!?" in chat, I reported and nothing was done.

    My sister and I do our best to follow the rules and remind others of them and we don't abuse the report system yet we see things that are against the rules that aren't taken care of.
  2. WTF is generally not punishable, minor swears are situational, and major swears warrant immediate action.
  3. I'm pretty sure foul language is sort of a gray area.
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  4. I don't mind language that much- I see a few cases every week, and mostly it's understandable (one guy spawned a ton of blocks away from spawn in an ocean, without a boat, and expressed to me his displeasure about it).
  5. There are times when someone is just upset but then there are times when someone is verbally abusing someone
  6. i feel bad for using w-t-f :(
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  7. Personally, I don't usually punish or warn for something like "wtf", but if it was being used in a rude way and directed to another player as opposed to something like "wtf just happened", then I would warn for it, sure. It's a subjective thing, though, and each mod is different.
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  8. Me, some other guy and Shaun were having a debate as to wether A "Crapton" Should be a measurement...
  9. I find crap is not really a swear word. My english teacher uses it to describe things so it can't be too bad?
  10. i count wt and the letter that comes after e and cr*p as a curse word
  11. Fn+F1 saves the day. Sorta :p
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  12. It depends on the user. I know a lot of people who use wtf as what the fudge. Which means the overall same message, but isnt as explicit. Crap is not a bad word -_-
  13. Most of the time when I say wtf? I'm saying "What the fudge?" Which I have seen people do and am used to. Instead of cursing we were taught to say something silly as kids.

    Crap is in no way a curse word. There were arguments whether or not Pissed, Damn and Hell are curse words but I think it all depends on the context.
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  14. I think that wtf shouldn't be punishable,But if you do get punished then everyone should be treated fairly not one person say it and someone yell at them then turn around and use it themselves.
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  15. Its all about context.
    Ok situation: Woah wtf happened to this tree O.O
    Not ok situation: Wtf is wrong with you Aikar?! Wtf are you doing to the economy?!
  16. I'm just saying everyone should be treated the same way.
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  17. I fixed it. I demand to know what the fudge Aikar is doing to the economy.
  18. Every mod should treat everyone the same way not just you saying here is your warning and another mod saying that someone is banned or something along those lines.
  19. f
  20. Which would be reasonable if we were robots, but we're not. We are people, sometimes from different backgrounds and with different beliefs, and it's unreasonable to suggest that we should react to subjective situations in the same way.
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