Is it me, or is something wrong on smp7?

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  1. I was exploring in the wilderness on smp7, but when I took my boat on the ocean, I kept 'falling off the world' and got stuck in the darkness because the map wouldn't draw any further, also my minecarts are very slow compared to normal. Is anything changed? I tested my client in singleplayer and everything was normal, so I am assuming it is the server...
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  2. Its probably your internet.
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  3. No, it isn't, everything else works just fine and i have 120 mbit connection.
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  4. Is it happening to anyone else?
  5. Well the servers are fine for every one else, so their connection is good. Type /tps and post the number.
  6. /tps is an in game command?
  7. Unfortunately I can't ask anyone since I'm pretty deep in the wildernis :-/
  8. /tps gives 20
  9. Yes, its a special command.
    That means that the server isnt lagging. So it is either your client, or your internet connection.
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  10. I am sure it's not my internet and my client worked fine yesterday and works fine in singleplayer, it's not that i want to fight you over it, but i really think it's server related. It's just weird behavior, I go maybe 40-50 blocks in my boat and i fall over the edge of the map and keep just hanging there below sealevel unbtill i log out and log back in. then i'm on top of the water again and have to swim to my boat.
  11. In regard to the minecart, they're not lagging, they just go very slow, even slower than walking :-S
  12. Oh sorry if i seem fightishy:p How do you get internet service? Like, cable, DSL, satelite? Is it windy where you live right now?
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  13. Uhhh, not server, it's client. If it were server every single person would be effected by something.
  14. Ok , please stop. My internet is fine and i'm a nerd, so when i say it's ok, it's ok. The server acts weird, and i only experience this on EMC.
  15. You may have fine internet for regular use, but if you get a connection break even for a short time, it will "upset" your minecraft client. For me, when its very windy, my internet likes to barely disconnect then reconnect. I normally wouldnt notice it, except my client acts weird. Just like yours is.
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  16. I have no connection breaks and my internet works fine, how many times do I need to rep[eat this for you to believe me? I'n on cable, 120mbit, it never fails, i'm sitting right next to my modem and i would know if my internet was crappy but it isn't because i pay 70 euro's a mont for it. Apart from that i have worked tech support for 5+ years and im pretty versed in networking, networking protocols, programming (VBA, Java, SQL, PHP, XML you name it). So if you have solid advice, you're welcome, but please don't even go near 'the wind breaking my connection" that's just a load of crap.
  17. So what's the point of asking for help in a thread, if you are just going to push away suggestions to you?
  18. So if you said it's ok to jump off of a bridge, it'd be ok?
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  19. Sorry, but you seem to be lacking in some knowledge. I have wireless, as in a special reciever mounted outside on the peak of my roof. This receiver picks up a signal from a transmitter mounted on one of my towns water-towers. When the wind picks up, for some reason it disrupts the signal. I dont exactly know why, but it does. So yes, the wind can break up your connection. If you had mentioned cable when i asked you to, we wouldnt have had to go through this:) Do you have any mods running? Any custom mods using weird configurations?
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  20. I have the recommended list, in the recommended order, so not extra special configurations no, but as I said, yesterday I had no problems whatsoever, and I really didn't do anything dramatic in the meantime (no client update, no mod update, no java update), add that to the fact that i have a pretty good idea of what lag looks like, and this isn't it. The map feels glitchy and I get stuck, these don't sound like client problems to me. Also, my minecarts have normal speed in single player (but with all the same mods) but are slow on EMC. Can this not be an unintended side effect of the recent updates?