Is EMC asking us to pay rupee tax next week? (closed)

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Would you be ok with a 8% yearly EMC tax?

Poll closed Apr 1, 2015.
Yes 13 vote(s) 11.5%
I don't know 6 vote(s) 5.3%
No 68 vote(s) 60.2%
I like ponies! 20 vote(s) 17.7%
Other (please comment below) 6 vote(s) 5.3%
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  1. Hi guys,

    I know; I should probably have posted this in help & support but because nothing is official and staff seems to try and deny it I figured I'd place it here.

    The past week I picked up a conversation "somewhere" that there are plans to "ask" us all to pay a percentage of our rupees as tax next week. I asked in town chat and dismissed this as a rumor at first, but it seems more people have heard about it.

    I was really surprised to see 607's comment about it and well. I asked about this earlier on my profile page (figured I'd keep it low profile) and within 10 minutes Dwight tells me its a rumor. That was quick ;) Either he's quick or... is there something we shouldn't share right now? ;)

    I don't think too many people would like having to suddenly pay up an x amount of rupees, even if it is to fund gaming events (I think Sky heard that part?).

    What do you think?
  2. Seems quite silly. Looks like we'll be doing a Skyblock method of shops if this happens. You pay, I'll throw the items to you.
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  3. Despite seeming a silly idea, I'd see why, kind of... We've long had an events fund that Krysyy has and gives out certain shares of the rupees and items from it when there are events. I suppose this rumour would be to possibly pay towards this events fund and share about some more rupees in the economy through events?

    However, in the poll you stated 8% of our rupee total? That'd be quite a lot of cash taken away from my balance, but I wonder what others have to say about this. Of course, I've only heard that this is a rumour going around, but it's worth expanding on it to see what it's about and what the community is thinking about it.
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  5. The UK has 20% VAT with some places in Europe having 25% *whatever they call it*.

    EDIT: Making a proper post ;p
  6. Going on the side of this "tax" thing being true.

    If the 8% goes towards events and things that the Community managers and staff host, then I have a slight problem with that. I normally don't attend events if at all so the fact that my rupees would go towards that would bother me a little. Now I'm sure if this is true then staff would find ways to avoid that, and possibly only have a tax at the events, but if it isn't, then I'm a tad bothered.
  7. Well it'd be one hell of a rupee sink, that's for sure. I wonder what 8% of ToddVinton's or Alex's assets would be.

    EMC's very own Publisher's Clearing House...
  8. Personally - I find this stupid. It'll only increase prices so people aren't losing as much. In my opinion, EMC shouldn't be changing anything in relation to how shopping works. Not only will this confuse new players as the price they put the item up for isn't what they're receiving, but also require every shop owner to recalculate prices because of the 8% subtraction from the received amount. 8% is still quite a bit and with shops doing large transactions such as promo shops, this would really damage amount received.

    I am completely against this and would expect shop owners will be too.

    EDIT: I don't see why EMC would need 'real' rupees. Yes, it can be used a rupee sink, I believe there could be better and less community drama causing, methods that could be done. Like NetherSpecter said; I don't attend all events. How fair is it my money is being spent on others? I know they do it in the real world, but this is Minecraft and there has got to be a limit.
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  9. ^ This.

    My thoughts exactly. I really admire the effort the staff puts into those events, but if you don't attend them...

    I hope we can get some staff members to respond about this.
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  10. I'm presuming that these taxed rupees would go towards rewards for events and such? Personally, I wouldn't mind it. I guess you can say that this is adding to the economy aspect of EMC.
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  11. Something is definitely going on. Now all of a sudden Dwight's comment on my profile page is gone. I asked him about it in a PM but.. no answer so far.
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  12. I have a slight problem with this for 2 reasons. The first is what NetherSpecter said. I'm fine with donating to the events, but I don't want to be forced to 'donate' to them.
    What about people bidding on auctions? They get 'taxed' and then they're unable to pay the auction host. What would happen to them? Would they be punished or would they be pardoned?
  13. If this is true, many people would lose a lot as fendy said. Players like fendy have for example 8 mill. 8% of 8000000 is 640k. But for a player like myself who is rich item wise and not rupee wise, I would be paying 8000r which is fine by me. I won't mind a tax but not 8 percent of your whole balance.
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  14. It's 8% per transaction.

    100r diamond
    -> 8r tax
    -> 92r received
  15. In the real world you pay taxes on public schools and law enforcement which you may not use for a year. Does that exempt you from paying taxes? No. Although 8% of rich people's balance is a lot, if it were real life they would have to pay. But this is mine craft, not real life so I see where you come from.
  16. Sorry for double post but...

    That will just raise shop prices...
  17. Wow, if even cadenman has heard about this, it must be pretty big. Usually cadenman doesn't hear anything except for the sounds of a goldfish gumming his couch to death.

    In all seriousness, I think that this could be an interesting little addition the Empire. Being poor might not be so bad after all! :p But anyway, I guess this would certainly allow the event fund to expand, which is always good, right?
  18. But what about us who don't attend events? I wouldn't like to pay for things I don't attend. Would you pay for concert tickets when you wouldn't be going? Just saying if this is added, at least have it pertain only to those who attend the events. Not to us who don't.
  19. Well April 1st will be happening next week, so... :D
  20. Lol to what biscuit said, what if this is an April fools day joke?
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