Interview With The Staff Thread List

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  1. This thread is for anyone wishing to keep track of all of the interview threads or anyone who just want to see the interview so without further ado the list of 'Interview With The Staff Thread List'! (Or IWTSTL ;))
  2. Color codes:
    Green is for a moderator interview
    Light green is for a senior staff interview
    Purple is for admins
    red and white is for youtubers
    gold is for build team
    yellow is for contribution team
    grey is for retired staff
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  3. Cannot wait to see how this evolves :)
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  4. Yup! Coming soon, eviltoade!
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  5. This looks interesting! Nice idea Nathan, and it's good that you're putting some thought into it rather than just passively doing this :)
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  6. This week's interviews' questions have been finished get ready for another interview thread being posted later this Friday!
  7. Double header interview today posting hopefully soon!
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  8. Hope everyone likes today's interview don't forget to check it out!
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  9. Keep it up! I'm Diggin it :D
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  10. Can we see an interview of our lord and savior, nick5013?
    I couldn't post this without laughing my ass off. I am terribly sorry for this joke.
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  11. Today's interview is being posted in 5 minutes!
  12. Fixed Sr. Staff colors
  13. don't forget to check chin's interview out!
  14. Special Saturday interview with everyone's favorite :D!
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  15. I totally forgot about it I had it planned for yesterday because it's the 4th but I forgot from all the activities I will get it up soon!
  16. We'd understand if you missed a week because of the occasion, don't worry about it Nathan! :)
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  17. Don't worry I got it up ;)
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  18. Props to you for still getting it up, all the better! ;)
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