Interview With The Staff: Interview #2 with FDNY21 and eviltoade

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  1. Today I have my last day of school so I thought: 'why not make a double-header interview for this?' So I did the this interview has FDNY21 and eviltoade so as always with out further ado interview #2!

    eviltoade's interview:
    Me: How's your day going?
    ET: Great! :) relaxing Had some donuts and coffee.
    Me: ha I've had the donut part too, what has it been like being staff?
    ET: It is wonderful, challenging, frustrating at times. But all in all, I have enjoyed it quite a lot because I love this community so much!
    Me: was it like when you got staff?
    ET: I was messing around on Utopia when I got a PM from Krysyy saying "check your forum PM", I was like, oh, what is this, then I realized that the time had finally come! My heart was beating so quickly. I checked the forums right away. I was so excited and a little nervous. But everyone was so welcoming. In a nutshell: I was honored.
    Me: which of these staff members do you like the most? Chickeneer, Krysyy, Aikar, or luckygreenbird.
    ET: I love them all :D
    Me: who inspired you to apply?
    ET: hmm. if anyone I would say weeh666 but mostly, I inspired myself? Lol I wanted to hall out more.
    Me: if you could get 1 wish but couldn't get any more wishes, what is that wish?
    ET: For me and everyone I know to live a long healthy fulfilling life. :)
    Me: what would you do if you won the grand prize of the lottery?
    ET: I would first get an attorney and a financial advisor. Then pay off all bills. Then give my friends and family a good chunk. Start building a house, and while that's building to on a vacation. :D
    Me: What is your biggest life dream?
    ET: To live a fulfilling and meaningful life.
    This is a complicated question. But when it really comes down to it, the above statement really exemplifies what my biggest life dream would be.
    Me: What's your most memorable EMC memory?
    ET: Probably when I became a staff member. It was, as I mentioned earlier, a very exciting time for me.
    My heart was beating so fast...
    Me: last question, smp8, smp7, or smp5?
    ET: They all have their strong attributes - but due to my most recent activity, I would have to say smp5.

    FDNY21's interview:

    Me: Hey, FDNY, I chose you for this weeks interview but, I already finished interviewing eviltoade so you might be wondering: why do you need 2 people for one week? This week is going to be a special end of school (for me anyways) interview so I thought: why not do a double header? This is just going to be 5 questions so now the whole 10 question interview. Ready? First question:
    How's your day going so far?
    FD: Hey there Nathan! It's been alright, I've been on EMC and GTA today, but I had some internet problems which I've only just fixed. That's why I've only just replied to you now!
    Me: Who inspired you to apply for the contrib team?
    FD: I was actually talking to IcecreamCow back in I think February 2014, and he asked me if I'd like to join a new team that is coming to the Empire called the Wiki Team that works on maintaining and updating the Wiki. I said that I'd love to join, so a few days or so later, he released the new Wiki App and I applied straight away! I was accepted and joined along with the first bach on March the 6th 2014, since then the Wiki Team has become the Contribution Team. As for inspiration, I suppose it has to be ICC that inspired me to apply :D
    Me: If you won the grand prize of a lottery, what would you do with that money?
    FD: I'd want to be fairly sensible with it, buy a normal-sized house with a fairly big garage, then I'd use the rest of the money for cars and living off of! (No, I wouldn't burn it all at once)
    Me: if you had 1 wish what would it be? Also you can't wish for more wishes?
    FD: Say no more, my wish in one simple image... :D image.jpg
    Me: Last question: what is your most memorable EMC memory?
    FD: I have tons of great memories here at the Empire! Instead of saying one thing, I'll say a few short and sweet ones. I remember when Krysyy teleported an AFK Faithcaster into the fire at the SMP1 town spawn, I remember when RainbowChin spawned a giant iron fence on Faithcaster's back (Faith has been in the wars with the staff, it seems), I remember when I went to PvP when it first came out and spending hours just mashing up all of my EMC fellows, and I remember also when the staff named the mobs "FDNY21" at Mob Arena one time. Lots of fun times here at the Empire and I'm sure that there will be many more in time to come! :D
  2. Great interviews! I too remember poor Faith with that big ol' piece of iron sticking out of his back. :p Good times.
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  4. ^^^Yep very Cool:D
  5. I like it, well done! :)
  6. Fixed small errors enjoy everyone! Don't forget to check out the interview thread list!
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  7. Awesome interviews again! :)
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  9. Nice interviews (of course ;)), can't wait to see more! :D
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