Interveiw With The Staff: #1 with luckygreenbird

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  1. I am decideding to make a series of interviews on the staff through out the summer. Without further ado interview #1 with luckygreenbird!

    Me: How are you today?
    Me: Lol, Let's go back to the days you weren't a mod. Why did you apply?
    LGB: I said to myself "being mod would be neat... I regret nothing--to the application!"
    Me: Did anyone motivate you to apply?
    *LGB Gets kicked by BK*
    LGB: brenjone and blackknight1021
    Me: When you were accepted, what was your reaction?
    LGB: I called Blackknight and hugged my bird
    Me: How is your journey being a staff member so far?
    LGB: A few bumps here and there, otherwise most players love giving their support to the big ol' fluffy bird in green. And, I love doing my job for the players in return.
    Me: Would you tell us your most memorable EMC memory?
    LGB: Founding LB Ind. with BrenJone
    Me what is your biggest life dream?
    LGB: Be the man Mr. Rogers new I could be
    Me: if you had 1 wish that will come true, what will it be? Also, you can't wish for more wishes.
    LGB: I wish I knew how to speak bird.
    Me: Now here is your next question, if you won the grand prize of the lottery, what would you do with the money and why?
    LGB: I'd have the aviary and Budgie Encounter expanded at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha because that would be pretty cool I guess.
    Me: Who is your favorite? Krysyy, Max, Aikar, RainbowChin, or chickeneer?
    LGB: Chickeneer, because chickens are birds.
    Me: Thanks for doing this interview! This interview will be started as a weekly series starting June!
  2. Neat idea, nice interview! :D
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  3. I'd like to see some more interviews, this is really cool!
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  4. The enjoyment levels are through the roof!
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  5. This is going to be a weekly thing so be ready :D
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  6. fixed the gif
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  7. Great idea! (you spelled interview wrong...)
  8. Ik it kept auto-correcting :/
  9. Most interesting. :) I look forward to seeing more of these! :D
  10. Bump, the list thread as a hint on the next interview! :)
  11. Wonderful interview and LGB is a great sport i hope more mods volunteer. LGB you are succeeding at being the man MR. Rogers envisioned you as lol!!
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  12. Too Cool, Nice Interview the both of ya.:cool:
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  13. That's a creative answer to the wish question!