Interview With The Staff: #3 with RainbowChin

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  1. This week I interviewed RainbowChin so as always with out further ado, interview #3!

    Me: Hello, chin, if you haven't seen I made an interview thread for luckygreenbird there is going to be weekly interviews so I decided let's do you as our second interview! First question:
    Why did you chose that name, RainbowChin?
    RC: Well, it was back in my days when I used to game more regularly on the Xbox, I went to chose TheCrimsonChin (yes, The Fairly OddParents :p ). That was taken, so I went for the next colour I could I think of :)
    Me: when did you become mod (for us new players) and what made you want to apply?
    RC: I mainly applied after seeing the application and feeling that perhaps now (or then lol?) was the right time to apply for me, I was graciously accepted into the ranks of green on Feb 22nd 2014, and I developed a lighter tinge on September 12th last year.
    Me: Oh! so you were made a mod 2 days after I joined! Cool.
    If you won the grand prize of a lottery, what would you use that money for?
    RC: Firstly, a top range gaming PC, then other items that my family members really needed. I wouldn't feel great spending it all on myself.
    Me: What's your biggest life dream?
    RC:TO DESTROY THE WORLD I mean, uh... I haven't given it much thought...
    Me: What is your most memorable thing that has happened on EMC? (To you)
    RC: Anyways, to answer, it's easily when Krysyy "demoted" me to Moderator after my unending jokes on the subject, I haven't laughed that hard in ages.
    Me: if you had 1 wish and couldn't ask for more wishes, what would that wish be?
    RC: A day where I didn't break stuff /s :)
    Me: Who is your favorite out of these 5 Aikar, krysyy, max, eviltoade, or the chicken? (Chickeneer)
    RC: ooh, I can't answer that, the others would never forgive me :p
    Me: when you applied was there anyone who motivated you?
    RC:there wasn't particularly one person.
    Me: if you could redo your EMC life what is one thing you would do the same?
    RC: hmm, still join smp5 that place is always home
    Me: last question, if you had 10 million rupees what would you buy?
    RC:I've always wanted an original dragon egg
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  2. Silly Chin, you can't get one for 10 million rupees =P
  3. Couldn't he just spawn one in?
  4. Rainbow isn't a colour

    Nice interview Nathan :p
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  6. I can dream ;-;
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  7. *Cough Cough* /Demote RainbowChin [Krysyy Slave] 14 days
  8. These interviews should get interesting. I look forward to learning more about EMC staff.
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  9. Nice interview but I just had to point this out. :rolleyes:
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  10. Thanks for pointing this out
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  11. *Grabs his smp5 banner* Woot! Go smp5 =D
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  12. Nice to see another interview :) Ainbew couldn't choose a favourite because it's obviously me... I remember when Ainbew was a poor blue named person and threw out his heads for free everywhere <3
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  13. Hehehe
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  14. Okay, now im really worried about you, RainbowChin :eek:
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  15. bump for those who haven't seen this!
  16. RainbowChin went to my residence. ( And messed with my fireworks! )
  17. Another great interview. Its cool to learn about the staff. :)
  18. Once again, nicely done! I hope these will keep coming!
  19. !pmub anyone who hasn't read one of these yet, this is a good one!