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  1. This weeks interview is a good one with krysyy, your friendly community manager :D so with out further ado the interview! :D

    Me: how is your day going?
    Krysyy well, long version or short? Well, I woke up and my contact was all fuzzy, so I almost poked my eye out this morning. Then I couldn't find any matching scrubs so...I spent 10 minutes playing matchmaker in the dark. Then I was running a bit late for work, so when I was trying to pull out of the garage my door opener felt like not working. I got out of my car to go do it manually and it started working. So. I fast forward to at work and I started getting bad stomach pain was talking to staff who went behind my back and contacted moose to force me to go to doc went to urgent care and they poked me agian then took x-Ray still results so they sent me home. BUT I invited Mathews to be SS and after he stopped screaming, he said yes so overall a good day so far.

    Me: if you won the grand prize of a lottery what would you do with the money?
    Krysyy: Set my grandma and mom up with a maid then pay off my student loan (to my dad) buy moose his 67? Corvette he wants buy a house then put the rest in savings. Well investments not really savings but not risky things. Just earning interest on it would be fine. OH! And I would buy all the doctor who stuff I don't already own and a TARDIS To go with it.

    Me: was there anyone who inspired you to apply?
    Krysyy: oh man, throwback um well moose was mod first and I guess I got tired of texting him to ban people while he was at work I'm sure he go tired of it too.

    Me: of there was one thing in your EMC life you could do the same what would that be?
    Krysyy: I would say being a player and collecting things it's so much fun and I kind of miss the rush of the way when I got some special as a senior staff get access to creative mode while it's great to have access to everything we don't actually spawn everything in for kicks but people seem to do as a result any awesome collections you have are discounted and I was a BIG collector back then.

    Me: if you could have one wish but not ask for anymore wishes what would that wish be
    Krysyy: to have a long and happy life with moose.

    Me: what is your most memorable EMC memory?
    Krysyy: for Dragon the auction it was so intense.

    Me: if you make any promo what would the item be and if it was a tool what would the enchants be?
    Krysyy: working tardis mods for it, but I want one that you can construct and it's bigger on the inside obviously.

    Me: if you weren't staff do you think you would be as popular?
    Krysyy: I was popular before I became stuff so yeah if you want to be popular if they are nice and not pushy I I really shop and had my obsession with Dr. Who that everyone remembered me for

    Me: what has your journey of being admin been like?
    Krysyy: well I just joined the admin team at a not so good time for the community they had just lost a leader and I was chosen to fill the shoes obviously it wasn't easy everything I did from the start was criticized compared to the old way. I won't lie it did get me and I did get self conscious about my actions. However over time the players that did get to me no longer did I stoked being so defensive about everything I was doing and just started to focus on the players making sure that they were happy while maintaining a united front with Aikar we made a lot of changes some players didn't like them taking Criticism it's never easy you don't respond and make it seem like you're avoiding it or you look overly defensive finding the balance is key and I'm sure I still don't have it but I try to and yes at the end of the day someone has to stand up and be the not to take criticism I've gotten better but is just wish the players would treat each other with more respect and that's one of the major challenges it's one of the major points of dissension in out community when I am fix that, then maybe I can call myself an amazing admin =P until then I am and continue to be both in-game and out.

    Me: Alright last question who is you favorite of the 5: Max, Aikar, chicken, or chin?
    Krysyy: um, Max AND Aikar. Aikar is simply amazing and his coding and logical skills are those of a freaking genius. The way he looks at things is enlightening sometimes, where I sometimes see the impossible he's already got answer and choices for aesthetics and Maxarias... Well Max is no longer active on EMC, when she was she was my crutch she is fire and I am the ice we think on the same wave lengths and just mesh we still talk every now and then and she is (sorry if this is how you are hearing it Max) expected to be a bridesmaid at my wedding she's one of the few ladies in life that I've been able to have a connection with. I always fit in more with the guys growing up. Oh both of them need to get their butts back down to Texas =P

    Me: thanks for the interview it will be posted not this Friday but next!
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  4. Well done again! :D
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  7. Really nice. Great job Nathan! :D
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  8. Reading over some of the interview, it might have messed up some with the voice recognition
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  9. Next phone-narrated interview should be in telegraph form. "I am having a very good day - STOP - Thank you for asking - STOP - Relay to Philadelphia - STOP"
  10. I love it!
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