Interview With The Staff: interview #5 with galazeek

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  1. This was going to be a 4th of July special but I forgot. This week's interview is with a member of the build team (at the time of interviewing) so with out further ado the late interview! :p

    Me: ok first question, how is you day going?
    Galaz: it's going well, thanks for asking. How's your day going?
    Me: well it's 9:22 am and I just woke up not too long ago but I'm having a good day because I get to play minecraft, also what is it like to be on the build team?
    Galaz : to be honest we have a lot of work to get done so it's pretty time consuming but the guys on the team are really fun and great to work with.
    Me: if your EMC life got reset what is one thing you would do the same and one thing you would do differently?
    Galaz : I would join the build team again for sure and I'd invest in promos more if I got reset.
    Me: if you could build anything with any height, length, and width what would you build?
    Galaz : well something I have always wanted to build in minecraft is the Leaning Tower of Pisa
    Me: what is your #1 thing on your EMC bucket list?
    Galaz: I want a dragon egg it doesn't have to be an original RainbowChin can have that one
    Me: what's your favorite EMC event
    Galaz: I like mob arena the best
    Me: if you won the grand prize of a lottery what will you do with that money?
    Galaz: I'd go on a vacation through Europe with my family and then go to a city in the city I would take all of my money I have left and put it in a cab I'd take a drive around the city in the cab and get out leaving the money in the cab
    Me: who is your favorite? Krysyy, Aikar, Max, chicken, EmpireMinecraft, or EMCBot
    Galaz: I am torn between EmpireMinecraft or EMCBot
    Me: what would you do if you had 10 million rupees?
    Galaz: I'd buy an original dragon egg, get a res next to chin and put it there
    Me: last question, if you had 1 staff staff head who's head would you want it to be? Also they can be retired staff?
    Galaz: EMCBot
  2. Silly gala... You cant buy a Original dragon egg for 10M....
    :p, I like those intervieuws alot!
    And EMCBot is my favorite too :p
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  3. As haast said, good luck getting an original for 10M ;) Nice interview though, nice to see you still managed to get it out! :D
  4. It was a reference to krysyy's reaction on Ainbow's intervieuw :p, seems gala wants to tease him with the eggs xD
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  5. Yeah I saw that one on the other interview too :p
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  6. Bump! I need to pick this week's staff/team member still. :eek:
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  7. What Cha, going to do when you run out of Staff?
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  8. Hope for more! ;)
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