[IMPORTANT] Empire Update: Silence Of The Lambs!

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  1. 1.4 is going to make it harder to grind mobs for XP. Mob spawns are going to change and the way XP works is getting a revamp in next week's snapshot hopefully.
  2. Does lava and water flow cause lag and if so, is this going to effect that at all?

    also, it appears you have turned off animal spawning in town... specifically the squids but also the ocelots that were spawning. is this permanent?
  3. I have More Pictures if u want
  4. Also in the nether there's something weird with the /entcount command, mine says:

    Total Entities: 22/400
    Total Animals: 0/200
    Total Monsters: 16/200
    Total Items: 0

    What are the other 6 entities?
  5. I thought they were removed because they were technically hostile mobs? (I'm talking about in town, they've always worked in the wild)
  6. Monster, Squid & Animal spawning was removed to reduce lag.

    Squids are so buggy anyways, always despawning...

    Ocelots were not intended to spawn in town either.

    If it makes sense lag wise we may enable them in the future.

    AS for the nether... Yeah something probally will need to be done about this.
    It has to do with the fact that MC is trying to spawn monsters constantly, and never hitting cap anymore.
    since no other monsters can fly... ghast dont really conflict with other monsters.

    ill see what I can do
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  7. Do you have paintings? Paintings are an entity too.
  8. 2012-09-06_16.05.50_2.png
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  9. Like when there was about 6500 villagers at a certain res on smp4?
  10. Thats a nice setup :) I have an intel core i5 O'C'ed to 4.0ghz and a nvidia gtx520 graphics card, and 24gb kingstone hyperX (2x8gb and 2x4gb) Im using an Asrock p67 LGA1155 extreme4 mobo. and I have a 120gb OCZ vertex 4. and windows 7 x64. When i played, I had 500FPS and peaked at 600FPS on krysyyjane9191's res with TONS of sheep. Maybe its gotten worse since I stopped, but I cant even tell a difference between 100fps and more than that. Though once on a res with about 7,000 villagers i was lagging to 10 FPS :eek:
  11. I'll be getting a new graphics card on my computer, once my father gets enough money from work. But I also want to make sure I have the money to get a Wii U and eventually a Full HDTV to support the console.:D
  12. No, all I have are chests, minetracks, levers, torches, jack-o-lanterns, and portal blocks. Are any of those entities?
  13. cool, id recommend the nvidia gtx 480!
    Whats a Wii U? and cool :)
  14. Man, I was gonna spawn 101 cows on my res...
  15. So I saw the title and first thing that came to mind was "IT PUTS THE LOTION ON ITS SKIN!" and that was kinda weird but funny. BUT I am so glad these updates are gonna be put in place. I once went to someone's residence to visit their shop, landed in a giant pit of chickens that lagged me so bad my screen wouldn't move. I hope like heck this stuff stops. Also means Aikar's SMP7 res is will no longer be used as a giant chicken pit if he decides to blow it up again.
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  16. Sounds good! Would 911 be over the limit?
  17. Also, do iron golems count?
  18. That answer your question
  19. Squids are designed to despawn.
  20. hey when will the dragon tomb be on