[IMPORTANT] Empire Update: Silence Of The Lambs!

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  1. i am glad for the update, but i am having an issue...i reduced my farm to 80 sheep (they are separated by color and easy to count) and 20 other various animals, but when i do /entcount, it says i still have 145 animals....i tried eggifying some villagers thinking maybe they were the issue, but they didn't even lower the entity count, let alone the animal count. so what gives? i know that i have no more animals anywhere on my res, and i don't want the system to just start randomly taking the animals i have.
  2. This was I believe yesterday I don't remeber the exact time (13:00GMT or so maybe) - It's hard to distinguish between Network lag and Tick lag - It was the lag were you break a block and 10 seconds later it drops
  3. *cough* Daily Record *cough*
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  4. I like this update a lot, lag has been murder lately. I usually try to keep my animal farming small anyway. I maintain about 10 cows and 10-15 chickens. Been considering a small sheep farm. I'm sure my needs can fit within the limit.
  5. Oh my gosh, that is terrible... Those poor sheep :(
  6. if you have say 150 animals and you drop something or harvest something then will it get rid of the animals?
  7. Only 100 animals? :(
  8. Looks like a great update. Think I'll rearrange and split my animal farms among all my reses.
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  9. I see about 90 sheep alone on F3

    The villagers do count towards limit.

    The entcount will fluxuate a tiny bit as animals/villagers "walk across chunk lines" which may of brought your confusion on egging the villager not counting.
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  10. In Town the Limit for Animals is 100, then the item count is counted just as an item (which animals, items, players, and anything else that counts as an entity Makes the entity total with a Limit of 200.

    For example in the Graveyard on smp1. there are 52 Chickens running around, most likely the 2 items are eggs they have laid.
  11. Even though I am someone who has at times had near 1000 animals on my res (farming chickens for meat, feathers, and XP) I have gotta say about this update:

    THANK YOU! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

    For the more technical among us, my system is no slouch:
    AMD phenom II x6 thuban @3.4GHz processor
    16GB (4x8GB) DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24 kingston hyperx running at rated speed and timings
    OCZ Agility III 60GB SSD
    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 am3+ motherboard
    Gigabyte HD6850 1GB factory oc version video card
    Win7 x64 with many tweaks for better gaming performance

    and even with this system and SMP (symmetric multiprocessor, not the same SMP most people think of in minecraft, it uses more than one cpu core) optifine and many other boosts set to minecraft, on SMP5 I regularly get down to 20fps and lower in town...
    I imagine people with lesser performing computers have an absolutely horrible time in town, and often wonder how they can even walk around....

    This has got to the biggest step toward fixing FPS as well as server load lag I have seen to date.
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  12. aikar: i have 5 of each color sheep...that is 80....i counted them a few times to be sure.
  13. My system is near identical - I get 40fps with everything on optifine turned to max (16AA - 16X Anastrophic filtering)
  14. I love you ICC and Eyecar! Thank you! I have been waiting for this for a long time!
  15. I run a lot of additional MC plugins which hinder performance.
  16. i hate villiager farms in residences, just a lag utopia
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  17. well i might just have to get diamond if i can afford it so i can have 3 farm res's to stock up the mall i am building on smp6. But yeah atleast the server will lag less i suppose i remember my original farm/shop res was super laggy i had atleast 150 sheep and maybe 100 chickens plus a few other things! XP
  18. The weird thing is, that valley looks identical to Nant Ffrancon in Wales..

    A picture I took there a few months ago:

    On topic:
    Other people's comments say it all.. We've been needing this update for a while, I think.

    Also, it's nice having updates on the front-page twice a week, as we're getting at the moment.
  19. Likewise, being in Hants, I often get serious lag (smp7) even though there's sometimes only 5 or 6 folk on. My reckoning is its tick problem due to heavy cross-Atlantic Bband traffic. For instance on smp7.Empire.us just now (2023 BST) there is an astonishing 15k+ms poll time ie (I presume) 15 sec lag)
  20. Are Iron golems considered animals with villagers or monsters?