[IMPORTANT] Empire Update: Silence Of The Lambs!

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    As a part of our goal to bring lag down to an absolute minimum, we have put an update through that will now limit the amount of entities that can be in any given area. One of our largest offenders of lag in EMC is the abuse of way to many spawned mobs (both hostile and animals).

    These are the current limits that are in place:

    You can have a total of 100 animals per residence or 200 total entities. For example, if you have 150 items on the ground in your residence, you can't create more animals past 50 until you pick the items up. This update will NOT prevent your items from appearing. It will only prevent more animal spawns until you either pick them up, or they despawn.

    You can have a total of 200 animals in any given "area" and 400 total. We won't be stating the exact term of what an "area" is to prevent people abusing the system, but it is very fair.

    You can have 200 hostile mobs per "area" INCLUDING SPAWNERS. If you go AFK at a spawner, it will stop spawning after 200 mobs have built up in the "area". This includes natural spawns.

    Currently, the system will prevent you from breeding/creating more animals once you have hit/over the limit, however, this is a 1 week notice. Starting 1 week from now, the system will automatically remove animals and monsters that are over the limit. Players are encouraged to eggify any excess animals within 1 week or the system will automatically choose for them at random which ones they will lose.

    To kill the argument from people who will try and complain that this is "ruining their multi-hundred sheep farm", realize that this update is doing the opposite. With the amount of lag this will save the server, your animals will do what they do MUCH faster than they were before. What you would need 50 sheep to accomplish before will now be possible in the same time as having 10 of those sheep.

    To make monster spawning more efficient on our server resources, the spawn behavior has been changed from the default Vanilla behavior. Monsters will only spawn within 4 (64 distance) chunks of a player. Monsters who are more than 5 (80 distance) chunks away from a player will automatically depspawn.

    Monsters will be limited to how many can spawn in a tight spot. Overall server monster limit has been increased to the point it will never be hit. In other words: spawner users will no longer be able to shut down natural spawns on the world.

    We are aware these changes may affect some peoples experience points grinders, but we ask that you please adjust your grinder to accommodate it as it is not fair to other users to have a laggy EMC due to too many mobs loaded, so we have optimized spawning to give everyone a fair dose of monsters but keep server load down.

    However, with these changes, the overall 'thickness' of monsters has actually INCREASED. The wild will be slightly more challenging, as monsters are more centered around players location, giving you a fresh dose of monster everywhere you go :). Light up your bases!

    Players may no longer throw chicken eggs in town except onto a residence they have Build permission on. This also means you can't throw eggs FROM a res that has build onto somebody else's residence. You're also prevented from egging various places around town. Chicken spamming has been a big issue for us and this will put an end to it.

    Breed - Players may no longer breed animals on others residence unless they have the breed flag.

    This flag works just like any other. If you want EVERYONE to have breed, you would do: /res set breed true. If you only want specific people to have it, you would do: /res pset username breed true.

    Spawn Eggs
    Players may no longer use spawn eggs or chicken eggs on another players Residence unless they have the Build flag

    To help out with this new limit feature, we've created a command that will give you the current count of all your entities in a residence/"area". Simply type in: /entcount and it will provide you with a mini report.
  2. Nice idea to stop lag. :)
  3. I'm very very glad that there's finally a way to help prevent lag, but in all honesty, I think this is too low. I was expecting something around the 150 mark.

    Also, chicken fix... <3
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  4. Awsome!
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  5. I think we were all expecting 150-200 as the limit as that was discussed in the forums. However, YAY for a new update!
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  6. I have waited for CHICKEN ABUSE! for a looong time :)
    Great update, keep the good work up everyone in the EMC Staff.

  7. Looks as a VERY competent update to EMC - looking very much forward to seeing it in action.
  8. no one really cares if you're first. i think that is the most stupid "game" ever. lol

    that is freaking amazing, you guys are AWESOME!

    i think that is the BEST thing i've ever read.
  9. Sorry, I just love this... SMP1 /shop goes over the limit...
  10. Due to the massive chicken spamming a lot of our new members got a ton of chicken eggs with their normal tutorial bonuses.
  11. Any idea when Dragon update will come?
  12. The way we figured it, was, the people who would most likely complain about this the most was the handful of people who had public sheep farms (also some of the main culprits of lag, due to that business). With the new limits, you can have 5 sheep of each color AND still have room for 20 other animals. Those who don't have a need for every color of sheep, 100 is actually quite a lot.
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  13. Aikar came on smp9 one day and explained this. He said that each residence can have 200 animals.
  14. I understand that some people suffer because of large amounts of entities but I think this is a really hash choice.
    I mean what about the auto wheat farms? They drop a lot of items that are quickly collected. I think there must be a better solution to these problems like upgrading the servers. I know this is for the best and will fix some issues but I think there are more direct, vanilla ways to do it.
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  15. true, ill do 6 of each color for now...ill have to edit it though because of wasted space
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  16. Good to hear :)

    I have been waiting a good amount of time for this... I presume that villager breeding will continue as it has?
  17. definitely not hash, people have been suggesting it for some time

    edit your auto farm to only do one line at a time

    even the best server out there will lag if regulations are not placed (i am one of those people that had 1000+ mobs)
  18. who knows, maybe with this 1.3 update, spawners may go out of style. Now it's just as easy to get XP from mining.

    Imma miner, not a fighter!!

  19. Not "some". Everyone. At one point this last week there were over (I believe) 11,000 entities loaded on one of our servers. That is BEYOND insane and a lot of lag issues anyone experiencing was due to things like that. This update won't affect things like wheat farms. Farms are designed to have things collected on drop right away as it is, so shouldn't be on the ground more than a few seconds. That with the fact that items stack in piles of 64, as well.
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  20. Yes this is great i hate when it's lagging:)