IMPORTANT - Difficulty Bug

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  1. I have received numerous reports of Invincible Mobs that refuse to die.

    This leads me to believe that the recent CraftBukkit update has introduced a bug. CraftBukkit did a major change in regards to the API for controlling mob damage, and it appears on higher difficulty levels, this is conflicting with our system and causing monsters to become invincible.

    So for now, please use difficulty level 5 for normal mobs and enraged.

    However, due to the nature that mini bosses have damage resistance even on 5, they too may also be immune at level 5.

    So if you have the health indicators mod, please report here what levels affect what.


    I am out of town on vacation until Tomorrow, so will not be able to fix it until tomorrow/monday.
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  2. This should be interesting, looking forward to some video clips of invincible mobs.
  3. :eek: darn i was using lvl 7 to get the Taste of Freedom as fast as possible. Thanks for the update Aikar, and have fun on vacation
  4. Me and Natesam encountered a gold armoured Zombie which was invincible.
  5. At lvl 5 smp7 i was able to kill an enraged creeper, so hopefully they work
  6. I'm on Level 7 and when I kill enraged mobs with my bow it works, but with a sword they don't seem to be taking every hit, it may be lag though. Not really sure.
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  7. Phew.. I thought I was going crazy and just sucked at killing bosses.. ;)

    Enjoy your vacation.
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  8. A player has reported to me that while on Level 1 difficulty a skeleton in golden armour was invincible and had him trapped. It wasn't invincible to me though as I shot it quite effectively with a bow. :)
  9. I did find another bug you may want to look into. The whole "It appears that Monster is having trouble getting to you..." thing... it doesn't happen if I shoot them with a bow, only if I hit them with a sword. So if you had bows you could seemingly still have a mob farm that worked.
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  10. I normally fight with my Fail-not so I have not really noticed any issues. I only carry my sword with me for knockback.
  11. Well, sure it can't be much harder than those invisible regenerating silverfish bosses you see around the Madpack Modpack I've been playing recently (Whole pack seems to want you dead, and is quite efficient in doing so...).
  12. I thought there was something like this going on...
    Yesterday I was in the waste when I found a Marlix. I ended up fighting it for close to two hours, constantly hitting it with arrows and my sword, just to have it do nothing. I eventually died when it knocked me into a giant hole in the ground. I was on difficulty 5 too.
    EDIT: finally got my stuff back.
  13. pack of netherhounds = op with god gear on 7 when this bug hits, just tore me up until i ran into a safe zone
  14. Coincidence?? Two players on smp8 told me to come to the wastelands to see this 'immortal zombie' and they also told me that it wouldn't die, even lava was placed where it was standing. Luckily, I got video footage of this!!

    NOTE: The zombie is wearing gold armor, just like the one 72Volt and Natesam encountered.
    The video may still be processing!
  15. Yeah...apparently it affects all levels as PortalShoo2er, sonicol1 and I are all at level 5 and we've dealt with this momentus for quite a while on SMP6. It also apparently made them stupid because he sucks in his minions more than he does us.

    Edit: Thanks for the reboot! It fixed the momentus so that we could kill him.
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  16. It appears that mobs with a full set of armor have this problem more than mobs that do not.
  17. ive got health indicator mod, but need a snr.staff to spawn some at me...
  18. I haven't had that problem. For me, if i'm shooting them long range, or if I'm evading attack and using a sword, the monster takes a while to get the AI tracking realigned and the message pops up. I find if they aren't in range to track, or if they take a significant amount of damage before finally locking on or getting a hit in, the message pops up. It's a bit frusturating.
  19. Anyone experiencing a similar issue with creepers? The main problem for me is that the detonate in only a second or two the moment you get within four blocks. I was above a fence looking down at one and it went off. Didn't even look at me or do the tell tale inflation and hiss. Just BOOM. They're the main mob I'm having issues with.
  20. So I was not able to get screenshots, but I keep utopia at diff(7) and am too lazy to type /ps to change it back to 5 but I have not really been having issues but I have been seeing weird things in the Damage Indicators mod. I have been fighting enraged skellies with no problem as long as I can keep them trapped close range with my looting dagger. But I encountered a leathered zombie that had 20 health and was taking 1 point of damage from everything I hit or aimed at it but it died instantly when I lured it into a creeper blast. This has been the only mob that has done that, I mean with the 1 point of damage per hit. The other anomaly I have spotted was a regular zombie, not enraged or anything that claimed to have 49 health. I am not sure if this was a momentary blurp with the DI mod because it went down quickly otherwise.