I'm back :)

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  1. For those who don't know me, i'm jtc0999, who joined about 2 or 3 years ago. I saw alot of things which now would probably be legends today.

    Anyways, i had to take a break from EMC, but i've chosen to come back. Why? Dunno, just felt like i needed to come back. Some quick things about me:

    1) I'm a freshman in high school (For those who knew me years ago, remember when i was a baby in middle school? :3)

    2) I'm a hardcore drama kid. Choir, acting, musicals, i do them all. I landed the lead role of the musical at my school, which is another reason why i had to take a break.

    I'll pop on the fourms here and there, but won't be too active, and i will very rarely visit my home server of Smp5.

    Its good to be back, reunite with old friends, and meet new ones,

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  2. Are you going to back to make that game?
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  3. What game? I don't remember what you're talking about xD
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  4. Welcome back! :)
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  5. I actually remember when you were here. Welcome back.
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  7. I knew you'd come back! I'm a freshman too :eek:
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  8. It seems that you are not welcomed in EMC...
    Rule #10: No Drama
  9. Welcome back!
    (Totally didn't forget that you were gone)
  10. Pffttt. Freshmen. What a joke. :p #Junior
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  11. Hehe... I see what you did there :3
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  12. #Junior
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  13. #wootwoot #juniorsarethebest
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  14. My first thought was...

    "Really? We're going through THIS again? I caused that drama over 2 YEARS AGO!"

    #Myfreshmansclasssucks :(
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  15. Welcome back! I remember you :p
  16. I tried to click the "Reply" on the screenshot....

    I'm tired :p
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  17. wooooooooooooh! :D
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  18. its been a while since we played xbox and stuff :p Wb ! :D

    Nice seeing some older members re connecting :)
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