I'm back :)

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  1. For those who don't know me, i'm jtc0999, who joined about 2 or 3 years ago. I saw alot of things which now would probably be legends today.

    Anyways, i had to take a break from EMC, but i've chosen to come back. Why? Dunno, just felt like i needed to come back. Some quick things about me:

    1) I'm a freshman in high school (For those who knew me years ago, remember when i was a baby in middle school? :3)

    2) I'm a hardcore drama kid. Choir, acting, musicals, i do them all. I landed the lead role of the musical at my school, which is another reason why i had to take a break.

    I'll pop on the fourms here and there, but won't be too active, and i will very rarely visit my home server of Smp5.

    Its good to be back, reunite with old friends, and meet new ones,

  2. Are you going to back to make that game? Best Minecraft Servers
  3. What game? I don't remember what you're talking about xD
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  4. Welcome back! :)
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  5. I actually remember when you were here. Welcome back.
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  6. I knew you'd come back! I'm a freshman too :eek:
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  7. It seems that you are not welcomed in EMC...
    Rule #10: No Drama
  8. Welcome back!
    (Totally didn't forget that you were gone)
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  9. Pffttt. Freshmen. What a joke. :p #Junior
  10. Hehe... I see what you did there :3
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  11. #Junior
  12. #wootwoot #juniorsarethebest
  13. My first thought was...

    "Really? We're going through THIS again? I caused that drama over 2 YEARS AGO!"

    #Myfreshmansclasssucks :(
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  14. Welcome back! I remember you :p
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  15. I tried to click the "Reply" on the screenshot....

    I'm tired :p
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  16. wooooooooooooh! :D
  17. its been a while since we played xbox and stuff :p Wb ! :D

    Nice seeing some older members re connecting :)