I'm making a video game!

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Will you play my game? :)

Yes 23 vote(s) 92.0%
NO! 2 vote(s) 8.0%
  1. Yes, i was able to get my hands on a software that is able to create games! :D
    However, it is in beta, so all i can make for now is RPG, Adventure, side scrolling and point and click games. (3d and multiplayer is coming soon).

    So, when i work out the kinks and get my questions answer, would anyone actually play the game i make?

    Also, i'm making an RPG game, so if you have suggestions, GIMME THEM!! <3 The software is called 001 game creator, for those who are interested.

    I have canceled the game. No one, not even the MAKERS of the software will answer my question. So, like Youtube, making games has been ruined for me :(

    Sorry for getting everyone so excited for nothing.
  2. put me in it
  3. If you're serious, i'll put you in a comedy adventure game xD
    But i gotta find a pig sprite first lol
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  4. I'd like to see the game you're making.
  5. Put me in it!
    Don't forget the gold...
  6. Just a question, what file type would it be?
  7. What Engine is it?
  8. call the pigs in the game ultimamaxx
  9. I'm going to release a demo soon

    Uhhh.... um... i gotta find more sprites XD

    I have absolutely no idea. I'm going to download a game from the website to see how the title screen works in a few days, so i'll respond to you then.
  10. The 001 game creator has it's own engine. The graphics are minorly lacking, but alot can still be done with it.
  11. I have a game creating program that I use, but I never make games with it. I just like its texture editor.
  12. You might want to grab an actual game engine. Anything made like that severely lacks features you want.
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  13. Problem is, i don't have 300$ lying around. This was only 10$ a month, and features Alot of things you can actually do with it. And when 3d games come out... It's going to be AWESOME :D
  14. if there is anything red in the game call it RedSpectre
  15. I'll admit, it looks nicer, but 001 game engine requires no coding to make the games (RPG, at least), and is not as complicated as unity and the others.

    And since i just paid for a subscription, i'm using it. I'll look into others, but for now, i'm using 001 game engine.
  16. I would highly recommend learning some code. It will certainly give you a ton more control. For me the problem isn't finding an engine that is easy to use, I just can't make any of the artistic stuff :p
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  17. Sounds good. By any chance will it look like the game "tibia"

    Also, I knew of a really good game engine that requires no coding, got to remember first
  18. put a purple dragon named spyro for me plz
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