I shouldn't have read that... [Herobrine]

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  1. You can say I live locked inside an oyster but I had never bothered reading about Herobrine till this day. I just did because of the prerelease notes. I didn't know the smallest thing about Herobrine, I had seen the name mentioned in some conversations and also encountered players wearing his skin (hope it was players), but I thought he might be some well-know dev or something.

    I realized this couldn't be if he was being "Removed" from the game and now I have read most of his story. A perfect creepypasta, indeed.

    Bad thing is now I won't be able to play alone xD I had at last managed to strut through dark passages and abandoned mine shafts fearlessly, but not anymore >_<

    Have there been any events involving this BENly guy on EMC?
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  2. Just trolls being derps and people wearing the skin. There was also Herbrin3
  3. I understood that!
    And I think Pandas covered it. I haven't heard any mentions of Herobrine on EMC except for some trolls in the chat.

  4. Yeah, Herobrine is fake
  5. A while back......i was on EMC exploring with a friend.....we were deep in a cave almost at bedrock level.....there was a purple light, and i'm like "There are no purple lights in Minecraft ()_()" I went to go check it out, next thing i know there is this garbled noise like some ghast/blaze crossbreed thing....and this purple glow turned out to be in the shape of a Blaze, but it was purple.....it attacked me, killed my friend (She later got banned for a flymod) and i made it out with like 2 hearts left i never saw that thing again, but whenever i went back there was always that ghast/blaze noise. just as if it was a long way away ()_()
    Looking back on it i assume somehow a blaze glitched and spawned in the Overworld, and maybe my texture pack was having issues and the blaze became purple.....
  6. Why do people never hit F2 like their lives depend on it in these situations? If you had some screenshots, this story would be so much more believable. :p
  7. Back in Alpha 1.2 I was in my shack of wood and I looked in the window and saw a man like figure with white eyes in the misty distance and be disappeared when I went looking for him. I zipped the world file and haven't opened it since
  8. Looking back on it i really should have taken a lot of screenshots.......
  9. Why are you scared of Herobrine?

    Be scared of WEEGEE!!!;)
  10. XD who is that? I'll google it.

    This morning I was going to post that, luckily, Herobrine hadn't started messing up and erased this thread, but given all the problems we are having with the servers... :/

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  11. This just made me think of this post:
  12. ....
    LOL its just a shaved tree :p
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  13. A few nights ago, I also read the minecraftwiki herobrine article... at 10:00 pm at night.
    And then my internet crashed and I couldn't get it fixed until the next morning. :confused:
  14. wow wait. I googled it, and I got something else then I was meaning... Something about a photographer? I meant a ugly luigi, that was existing in a mario game(it was not nintendo, when I am right, but it was mario) He is REALLY scary.
    When you look in his eyes, you become weegee yourself... So... Quick! scroll down to nex post!
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  15. I hope this is meant to entertain people and not a serious fear of a hoax...

    There is no way in the programming language that would install itself without any effort made by the programmer to create an NPC that functions in the described manner. The amount of code, the extra hooks and such would be obvious.
    The only people with access to the source code are Mojang themselves.
    The Herobrine story was adopted by Notch as an effective troll which was created by a skilled fan who made the mod as a way to provide entertainment on the internet. To this, I tip my hat to Notch and Mojang overall. Keeping the joke running this long is a wonderful bit of cannon supported by the developer. :)

    I do love the whole history of this Herobrine hoax but I always cringe when I see people who are ignorant enough to believe that Herobrine is real....
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  16. Yeah, It makes me want to kick puppies when people insist that Herobrine is real. I remember a thread someone posted and they put screenshots in from EMC claiming he was here. I was walking around LLO and burst out laughing because I came up to one of the things in one of the screenshots, only someone had stolen the glowstone. I just went to find it in the World Download Single Player I have. Apparently Dwight was using LLO as his location for the "Altar for summoning Herobrine".
  17. -Removed Herobrine.

    That's not removing Herobrine at all. That's just Mojang being jokers and removing the MONSTER's code - they were the first mob in MC and in 1.8 could no longer be spawned.
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  18. Well, a long time ago, people made up Herobrine, (He wasn't even made up by Mojang) and they made him up to scare people into not playing the game. Notch saw that, so in the next update, he said -removed Herobrine. It became a tradition for him, removing Herobrine in every update, but never actually added it in. As Jeb took over working on Minecraft for Notch while he made other games, Jeb didn't add the removed Herobrine notice. Now that they started doing that again, I guess it's making people think he's actually there, when he never was.
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  19. Anything can go through a nether portal. (Not ghasts)
  20. Not really, lol. Herobrine is about as old as MC itself. -Removed Herobrine only came in at 1.8.