Hold that update! We are still 1.11.2 - 1.12 soon!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone.
    If you are getting an outdated server message, it is because we are still at version 1.11.2 (Just like every major version update that comes out...)

    Please set your client to 1.11.2 to play on Empire Minecraft.

    Good news is, due to Spigot releasing Prerelease builds, we are actually almost ready for the update! This will be our fastest update ever in 'modern times' :)
  2. Yea updates !!

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  3. Updates :D
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  4. Sweet
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  5. This is exactly why I prefer using a dedicated profile for Empire Minecraft so that you'll always be able to connect no matter what. And well, at least 1.11.2 already has a '2' in the version number, all you guys need to do is remove the excess 1 :D
  6. And a .
  7. Awesome :) Can't wait for that update !
  8. Awesome!! I'm excited for the update. :D
  9. I'm waiting...
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  10. I am fine with waiting... Gives some time for my mods to update :p
  11. And for some, resource packs too o:

    ...I already took a few steps ahead and made a profile for 1.11.2 until EMC finishes updating to 1.12 xD
    ......so many 1's and 2's e.e
  12. I think my resource pack is still 1.9.....Oh well I like it :rolleyes:
  13. Awesome! I think the first thing I'm going to do is go hunting for a parrot... or two... or a lot... like A LOT!!!

    Still, I have to wonder: Are eggable Skeleton Horses coming? When you kill the Skeleton Rider, they are tamed, so you can ride them around in the Waste and the Frontier, but you can't take them to Town. Ever since I heard Skeleton Horses were going to naturally spawn starting in 1.9, I immediately thought about owning one on Empire. But it hasn't yet, so I'm wondering if it's coming but you have your hands full with more important stuff, or if it's not a feature you're planning on adding?
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  14. That's perfectly fine, at least for me. Gives me time to figure out what I'll be doing with all that concrete <3 Also gotta wait for Optifine to update too, since my computer can't run Minecraft without it :rolleyes:
    Can't wait to see what everyone will make with all these bright, new fun blocks!
  16. Really the feature I'm most excited for is the ability to bulk craft items, to a certain extent. It'll make crafting dcs of melon blocks, sea lanterns and pretty much any other item that involves many ingredients so much more tolerable
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  17. Someone get luckygreenbird to rant about parrots here.
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  18. Will this update be accompanied by a waste reset? (I'm assuming yes.)
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