hi all im new to EMC (GRIEFTASTIC)

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  1. thanks to CSappleton's kindness, his/her kindness was the first initial feeling i had towards this server. "first impression is everything"
    secondly I'd like to thank crystaldragon13 for his/her kindness to me in fire floor, My first experience in that game and it was great! gave me so much enthusiasm to come on the website and vote and really want to be apart of this community.

    about me:

    i play single player offline, Ive never played online multi-player before, well not never. Ive been to a few servers before EMC and they all suck all a bunch of trolls in their game. they may have newest game release and more active members but doesn't make it a great server. If the members are a bunch of trolls and no one willing to explain or take the time out to help each other it makes just a huge active turd.

    this server on the other hand are filled with nice and kind people willing to take the time out to help out a online newb like me. I know the game but yano servers got their different quirks that takes time to get used to.

    oh dont get me wrong just by my name I dont grief other ppls things, not on purpose any ways, I like to click things if theres a button i want to press it, if pressed said button blows stuff up i cant really be held responsible can i?!
  2. oh yeah, will some one please show me how to claim land in the wild please.
  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! I hope you enjoy the server and have a great time. I've been on for over seven years and I can truly say this is the best Minecraft server available. We have an amazing community here and I'm glad you felt welcomed! If you need any help starting up, we'll be here.

    Oh, but one thing. If you press a button and it blows something up, knowingly or not, you can be held responsible. Just be careful what buttons you press :)
  4. Haha, fun post! Welcome to the Empire! :)
  5. Yes, welcome to EMC. Hope you enjoy it as much as Ibdo and maybe see you around soon.
  6. Who's Ibdo? ;) (the letter 'b' is rather close to the space bar, isn't it?)
  7. Sounds a little line Fat Alberts friend.. lol

    " I'b do..."
  8. I hope you have fun at EMC. I saw you at Jaqque's Firefloor event last night, did you like it?
  9. [qi uote="Joy_the_Miner, post: 1536692"]I hope you have fun at EMC. I saw you at Jaqque's Firefloor event last night, did yoi enjoy playing fire floor, it was my first time playing.u like it?[/quote]
    i enjoyed playing fire floor, My first time playing that game.
  10. You know, I like pressing buttons, too.
    Levers, as well.
    Blowing things up... from time to time :eek: Lots and lottsa creepers. Sigh. Lottsa creepers. Oh and ghasts. And killer rabbits. And .... nvm.

    You will fit right in!!
  11. Welcome, GRIEFtASTIC! Indeed you have found the best server around!:D

    How to claim land- xGGirlx gave you the link. Using /map in game, will help you find a spot where your not to close to someone else's claim.
  12. Welcome to emc, if you need help or just want to visit I'm on smp2!
  13. Welcome to emc

    On behalf of all nitwit villagers i say welcome
  14. Welcome to the Empire! :D If you need anything, feel free to ask!

    I would love to see you at future firefloors :) If you ever want to know what events are going on, make sure you check out events.emc.gs!
  15. Welcome to EMC :)

    How to Claim a Wild Base/Outpost:
    1. Go to the middle of nowhere. You're 10 of thousands of blocks out. You're positive you've got this area all to yourself.
    2. Lock a chest at the "center" of your outpost. Don't build anything yet!
    3. Go to the Frontier and Player Outposts forum https://empireminecraft.com/forums/frontier-and-player-outposts.58/ and create a thread with the title [CLAIM] MyOutpostName smp# (fill in the blanks there)
    4. Find out that you've traveled around 80k blocks only to wind up next to Seffy, RD, and Corrupted's vacation home. Which you, Keph, Chris, Kat, and James were NOT trying to do, and y'all aren't even on smp8, so what witchery is this???
    5. Go out another 20k. Fine. Are we alone yet? FINALLY. Lock the chest. Try again with that claiming post. Corrupted rides a horse for 20k and shows up. RD tunnels in from the nether. You make them cookies and cake.

    Or you could read the official version of instructions here:
  16. Welcome! Hope to see you around sometime :D
  17. i have a question, how do i lock my chests at my /home? I've been told that i can place "made" blocks IE: polished granite under and above the chests to prevent access and prevent siphoning with hoppers. please confirm.