Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

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  1. Gobble gobble.

    (Just the sound of me eating)
  2. Gonna pop a can of corn to make a casserole.
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  3. Thanks for the new collectible. If you’re celebrating, have a great Thanksgiving! Cheers 😁
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  4. What??? sharpness 15? is this for real. lol.
  5. Oh, thank goodness, I've been trying to open this can of pickles for weeks...
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  6. Because I'm not from the US, and therefore cannot rightfully say "happy thanksgiving", some radom thoughts on the holliday written down because I felt like it. Browny points to those who see what it's inspiered on:

    Thanksgiving wasn’t always like it is today. It used to be a holiday of festivals and children begging for food or money, a little like the Halloween of today, costumes included. Only when Sara Josepha Hale decontextualized the holiday as a domestic family meeting, where distant sons and daughters come home for a family feast, the holiday that now seems natural culture started taking form. She desperately tried to get the last Thursday in November recognised as this national holiday, as the nation was sliding into civil war.
    Thanksgiving, she hoped, might hold the nation together under the belt of brotherhood and gratitude, a fragile union. Though what happened happened, in 1863 president Lincoln did make thanksgiving a federal holiday, rewritten as something that happens indoors, a joyful reuniting, as they felt not the war, but industrialisation was ripping apart family bonds, and with that the ties and values at base of the nation.
    The holiday lost its tolerance to begging children and drunken marchers. It picked up new traditions, like the football games and as more and more people started celebrating, foreign cultures were both absorbed into and erased by the dominant culture.
    The many side-dishes could be a metaphor for these twin tendencies. Many cultures incorporated their past in the meal, as one of those, but the turkey continued reigning over all.
    (Yes, this is the result of me having done multiple hours of reserch on the holliday for the build contest...)
  7. how long will the can oppener last
  8. Check the text right under the pic ;)
  9. thank you
  10. Yeessss, I've been waiting for the super turkey!
    The last boss I have to fight is finally here...
  11. Happy Thanksgiving EMC
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  12. Happy Thanksgiving EMC and make sure to eat lots of turkey ;)

    *inserts a scared Super Turkey gif here* lol
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  13. Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. Cool I have a suggestion tho next time we get a promo with a enchantment over 10 can we get it to say like sharpness XV or whatever the level is. It’s possible I’ve seen it on another server also
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  15. You need more modding for that.
    The actual tag of the item in the game-code is the same with this enchantment.level.15 and XV, it's just that the game doesn't recognise something above 10 (I beleve) as an enchantent. having a quick look through the code, I think you also need some client-side stuff, though I'm not that good at Java. It is possible, but would probably take something like 5 or 6 hours to make work with changes server-side only, without adding any extra tags that could break the item when upgreading to later minecraft versions, which, I would say, isn't worth it. You know what it means and it, realistically, isn't that big of a deal.

    Realistically, the only person who can say for sure is someone who knows their stuff, someone who has done proper studying of coding, not just some random guy who sometiems likes to hackfix bugs he's anoyed by, of course. :p
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  16. Anything over 10 it does the wonky wording for with our current system. We've discussed a workaround for it though, for future use.
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  17. Cool can’t wait :p
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  18. that pickaxe is beyond lethal.

    happy thanksgiving america
  19. oh good the mobs are back to lure me off-course in the SMP6 wilds and slaughter me again for the 3rd year in a row now

    wish me luck and go watch the macy's thanksgiving parade it's the best (happy thanksgiving)