Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

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  1. We hope that each and every one of you have a marvelous Thanksgiving, filled with friends, family, and good times. Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving specifically, we wish you the best this week and hope you'll join us for some Turkey Day festivities this week.

    It's Turkey Time!
    The turkeys are back, and they've come for revenge. All those years you've sat around whacking at them for extended amounts of time while they sat their helpless are OVER! Thanks to the Survival Update 2.0 our wonderful developers have provided, the Super Turkeys are prepared to put up a fight if you want a piece of their juicy goodness. Some resilient turkeys from last year may have already been fought. While they've been re-balanced health wise to accommodate for this, they still have a chance of dropping a Turkey Slicer, and of course that delicious Cooked Turkey. We wish you luck in your turkey hunts!

    CAN you say promo?
    This year's promotional tool is the almighty Can Opener. Be careful while handling this powerful pick. It will open cans of cranberry sauce in a blink of an eye (and possibly take out whoever is standing nearby too). I'm sure we'll be seeing these in the PVP arenas with the other Thanksgiving tools/weapons soon! Type /promo thanks18 for a free one!

    Can Openers will ALSO be available in the /shopworld for 30,000r each throughout the Turkey season (estimated 10 days).

    What's for Dinner?
    Don't forget that we have an ongoing build contest. You've still got until the end of the Thanksgiving weekend to finalize and submit your giant dinners. Good luck to all participants!

    Once again, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone. We'll likely have some Thanksgiving events over this extended holiday weekend, so be sure to keep a close eye on the forums!
  2. Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

    HaPpY tUrKeY dAy
  3. Merry Christmas :D

    Wait... what day is it?

    Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!
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  4. That sharpness enchantment.level.15 tho
    extra sharp
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  5. As well as this, when you try to buy from the Empire Shop it says 'Damage All null'
    Weird glitch :p
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  6. i am thankful for cranberry sauce on thanks giving, thanks
  7. Happy thanks giving emc I already had mine in October I’m a fellow Canadian
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  8. Yes. Try waste or frontier.
  9. Ooh, is it that time of year again? I hope to run into these new creatures in the waste when I am able to get back to the servers! :D
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  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)
  11. OMG, an update to /shopworld! Goodbye Amareica, longest running promo ever :p

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Time to fight some turkeys!
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  12. Sharpness 15 seems a bit OP. I'm probably wrong here but isn't that pick stronger then a sharpness 5 sword or even sharpness 5 axe, along with a faster attack speed? And if a mob does survive you have fire aspect combined with knockback? Could be my next weapon :D
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  13. I killed a 21HP horse in 2 hits with this, while a 20hp horse took 3 hits with a Turkey Slicer, which is a sword with sharpness 5. Pretty OP if you ask me
  14. If this promo doesn't get mass bought from the EMC shop then idk what will
  15. Woah, Sharpness XV, that's a lot.
  16. This item was balanced to match roughly the effects of the ham hacker. The turkey slicer is a little less effective than the ham hacker as such it would be a little less effective than the can opener.
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  17. Thanks for the new item :)
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  18. Yay!
    Happy thanksgiving all my EMC peeps!
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  19. Happy Thanksgiving