Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Rabbit foot...
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  2. That's an actual item? Shows you how much I know about MC.
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  3. It's used to create a potion of leaping. ;)
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  4. And what does a potion of leaping do? :p
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  5. I don't think so.
    makes u leap
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  6. Not so lucky for the rabbit...

    It jumps all over the place... generally spilling itself everywhere...

    Happy Easter Everybody ;D {first*}
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  7. My Rabbit's Foot says +25% Luck when on Feet, Legs, Chest, and Head in addition to Main Hand and Off Hand. Krysyy's description in the OP just says Main Hand and Off Hand. Is there a way to use them in an armor slot, is the description a future feature, or is it a mistake?
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  8. Just for those that don't know yet, you can buy the rabbit's foot and pot of gold at /shopworld now. :)
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  9. I believe it's a 1.9 bug, the liberty sword says the same thing for it's +20% attack speed.
    Edit: it would be cool if you could wear two rabbit's feet on your boot slot as a pair of slippers though :rolleyes:
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  10. Thanks. I have heard they only affect Fishing currently. I was holding one in my off hand while mining ores last night to see whether it made a difference(it did not that I could see) and was thinking it would be cool to wear more for a cumulative effect.
  11. It affects fishing and chest with loottables(regular dungeon chest arent affected by luck)
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  12. Hey everyone. I was in the wild today... and met Lucky.

    He's mad.

    He's mean.

    He's coming for you.

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  13. (edit, forgot my initial comment when replying, lol! :oops:)

    First of all I want to say that I really like it how EMC showed some flexibility by changing the price of the promo's in the /shopworld. A slight increase, I'm sure not every new player will agree with me (fair enough!) but I think it does add up to gameplay and help improve our experience.

    Yeah, lots of classy words huh?

    Honestly... I'm looking at 10 potential feet vs. 4 feet (you do the math how much rupees I got to spend ;)) and I still like this new approach. It also affected me (sorta, but then again I don't care that much about rupees and in-game wealth either).

    So now back to my original post:

    It's not a bug but simply a result of how staff generated the item, I also dropped Aikar a PM about this.

    Thing is: the item has so called AttributeModifiers applied to it which can be customized per slot and per effect. So, for example, I can make an item which gives you Luck when you place it in your main hand and Bad Luck when held in your off hand (isn't Minecraft cool?!).

    What is happening here is that if you don't specify any slot then Minecraft will assign the AttributeModifiers to all available slots by default. That's what you see happening here. Not a bug, but an unused feature.
  14. I often treat an application feature that causes my users confusion as a bug or design flaw and modify my code. At the least it is a training or documentation issue which is how we're likely to treat this. I'm hoping it will be expanded to be allowed in more slots and to have a cumulative affect on additional drops.
  15. I don't share private convo's per definition, it's my Internet policy. But I can say this: Aikar was very cool about me sharing this with him.

    As I understand there's a difference between in-game generating commands (NBT) and those done in-code (Java). But that's all I'm sharing :)
  16. These promos are still for sale in shop. I hope they'll be taken out soon, it's April already tomorrow.