Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Thanks for the promos!
  2. I like your signature at the bottom of your post :)
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  3. Waits patiently at /shopworld to buy some more lucky feet...maybe before St. Patty's is actually over.

    My only issue, it looks like I'm holding a shiny hotdog while I grind :rolleyes:
  4. Its a shinny chicken nugget :p
  5. That's one long chicken nugget :eek:
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  6. Oh look it's that one day of the year where all the Americans are proud of their 0.01% Irish blood and make the rest of the world cringe at their lack of understanding as to how ethnicity works.
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  7. Are they available to buy yet?
  8. Still not seeing them in /shopworld.
  9. Is there a plan to update and add the shops to shopworld?
  10. Don't appear to be in /shopworld for me either. I am wondering if this means they will not be added or that they will be added late.
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  11. I'm curious about this as well.
  12. If not it will sure raise the price of the rabbits foot
  13. Why is everyone so worried and mad that they have not added anything to the shop? They already said many times that it will be delayed, and have given many reasons why, Yet everyone still gets so many complaints....

    Why are you so mad? Just wait... Its coming.... They are just busy, Give them some time....

    Aikar is busy with Work, as He does have a job other than EMC, and Krysyy just moved, and is not setup...

    Just relax and give them some time....
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  14. I'm not mad, or worried. Just curious. Also, I didn't see anywhere that they said many times it was delayed or anything. Just once on the first post. Maybe I'm blind. -shrugs-
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  15. Sooo are they up yet? Lol
  16. Yes they are, and are worth:
    Rabbit foot: 25k ;( =O
    Pot of gold: 15k
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  17. Yep nobody's mad I think, just curious. Well for one advantage, it might be more efficient to just add both the easter stuff and the st patricks stuff at once xDD
  18. What actual item is the rabbit foot?
  19. My grandmother is full Irish. Does that count
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  20. Nope fake news.
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