Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Why not start the celebration a day early? ;)
    To celebrate, you have the choice of something old or something new!

    Type /promo stpatricksday in-game to choose for yourself, but be careful with them. The items are NOT soulbound. Extras are available in the /shopworld for a limited time, once updated by Aikar.

    Your choices:
    Back by popular demand (and because why not?) is the Pot of Gold promo. Every 24 hours, it can be used by right-clicking while holding it. The Pot Of Gold gives a random number of golden nuggets to the player when it is used.

    New this year is the Lucky Rabbit's Foot. This item gives the owner a 25% boost to luck on all loot tables when held in either hand. An origin story for the item comes from a modified tale from our very own AhsokaTower. Read below:

  2. Woo!! Nice promos happy St. Patty's day to all!!

    Edit: eyy first :p
  3. Is it that time of the year already? Wow! Time sure does fly. Thanks again for releasing this golden promo.

    Holy cow!!! I can't believe an idea I had took hold. Just shows you that even the common player can get noticed by the administration. This is such an awesome server. Great Community, friendly players. Just all around swell place to play and support. Thanks to everyone who helped get this item noticed. A big thank you to Krysyy & Aikar and to anyone else that helped make this a reality.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day
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  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Thanks for the promos! :D
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  5. im loving this promo! ^.^ not gonna use the foot, but i like having something really new 4 a change :)
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  6. Awesome! Happy (early) St. Pattys day!
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  7. Happy St. Patricks Day thanks for the promo's
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  8. What's confusing?
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  9. Happy St Patrick's Day!
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  10. Sweet!
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  11. I would like clarification on whether the foot can change any game play or if it is merely cosmetic. I would assume that base luck in mine-craft is zero, therefore any percentage upgrade would be zero. I can see the possibility of this not being the case, but the why of that eludes me. Thank.
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  12. This modifies the loot table luck. So for example, while holding this item you are more likely to get better fish, better items in dungeon chests, etc. Since everything there is based on luck, it just makes you a bit more lucky.
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  13. How about mob loot?
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  14. Nicely balanced out with the lack of soulbound I presume.
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  15. All loot tables are affected, based off the attribute, but anything custom coded by Aikar might be different. I'll wait for his statement on that.
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  16. The lore on it says that you get +25% loot increase in off hand or main hand. Has it been tested to see if holding one in both hands gives an extra increase or not?
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  17. So should I assume that when a chest is opened a random value is picked between low and high. If a higher value is chosen, higher tier items are available. Should I then assume that luck increases this value.
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  18. It does. Though you'll have a bit of a hard time operating a fishing rod or sword with your mouth :p

    Note: The item in a stack do NOT multiply the attribute. You can't get 64 of them in a stack and have all of the luck :p
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  19. Correct. My testing item was luck 2500% and was the best item EVER when fishing. For obvious reasons that one stays on stage.
  20. But dungeon chests =P
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