Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. But mobs guarding those chests =P

    It's gonna take some extra work and they aren't soulbound. Just keep that in mind.
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  2. Kill mobs. Break spawner. Put foot in both hands, chests. =P
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  3. Another interesting concept here is that those 'dungeon chests' have been converted to loot chests. You can't break them (which I sometimes consider annoying) but they also refresh their contents over time. So while you may take some risk the first time, a second time things will be a lot more easy on you. Perfect time to take the foot with you :)
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  4. Happy luck of the Irish to everyone! ;)
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  5. Guys,...just accept the danger of having both hands occupied, I mean did you see me just slap that zombie in the face with a rabbit's foot.....
    ooh! Idea....
    Hey Momentus, I have a present for you.
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  6. Does the foot effect shuckler drops?
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  7. Happy (early) St. Patties Day

    What a cool new promo. I chose the lucky foot.
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  8. No, only the Looting enchantment does that. According to the Minecraft wiki the main activity which is currently affected by Luck is fishing.

    It would appear that as of right now (time of writing) vanilla loot tables are not affected by Luck. They need to explicitly use a Quality modifier in order to be affected by this, and only fishing does this so far. Source: Luck status effect and Loot table wiki page.

    So I'm not too sure how much this foot is going to affect gameplay to be honest.
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  9. Thanks for the new items :)
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  10. Ah. Also shulkers always have a 50% drop chance regardless of looting
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  11. Thank you very much Aikar and Krysyy!

    Does this affect the rate of rare mob drops? Gold ingots from pigment etc.
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  12. Happy St. Patrick's Day - great promo. Thanks Krysyy and Aikar :D
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  13. I love your stories Krysyy and this new promo as well. I'll go in my promo hoarding vault pages. ;)
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  14. How cool! Gonna wait til tomorrow to get mine though... might be unlucky to pick it up early...

    Also... dont turn the pot upside down folks... or the luck will just run out.

    Happy Saint Paddy's Day!
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  15. Very cool and interesting promo! Happy St. Patts day!
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  16. How long will this be available?
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  17. I like the new promo!

    I'm afraid I'm now late on my Pot of Gold auction, though... After all, it isn't allowed to auction off promos while they are sold in shop, for some reason.
    So I guess I'll hope it gets out of there quickly, so I can continue my tradition.

    I shouldn't forget to claim the foot, though!
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  18. This might make me sound like a noob :p

    But, What is a loot table?
  19. Have you read Krysyy's examples on the first page?
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  20. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Thanx for the promos. :D
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