Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Yes, so with looting 3, it should be about 60% chance drop or even more
    (99% sure)
    Preety sure that luck(status effect), is not the same luck as in attribute, if it is, then fishing just became OP Wiki source
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  2. Would the foot give me more wither skulls

    EDIT: also does it give more gold when u open pot of gold
  3. Quick question, is the foot's luck increase linear or compound? For instance, would having one in each hand increase luck by 50% or by 68.75%?
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  4. No, one time only. They stack, but they won't multiply your luck, that's a vanilla mechanic. More technical: only the last foot which you place in one of your hands will have an active effect which overrides the other ones.
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  5. Why not have 2nd version of the rabbit foot, like from supernatural were that one episode had a unlucky foot. Hehe just for laughs.
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  6. I'm a day late on this.

    Has the Pots o' Gold been already available in the new shop world? I'm currently not finding any chests/signs to purchase them.
  7. not yet
  8. I accidentally chose the Pot of Gold but I don't want it, is there a way to give it back and get the rabbit foot instead?
  9. Officially: no.

    However, since you're new and all (at least on the forums, I did use /p ;)) I'll make you a deal (courtesy of GRIP)... As soon as these promos become available in the /shopworld I'll trade you your pot of gold for the rabbits foot. One on one. No strings attached.

    One time offer only, and obviously won't be valid anymore if a senior staff decides that you can have this changed :)
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  10. trade with someone?
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  11. Thank you for the promos.
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  12. What is everything that's affected by this promotional rabbit foot?

    Does it affect...

    *Common Mob Drops
    *Uncommon Mob Drops
    *Rare Mob Drops

    *Chest Loot

    *Fishing Catches

    *EMC-Exclusive Mob Drops
  13. If you started the auction before these were released then it's still valid.
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  14. I know, that's why I said 'I'm afraid I'm now late'. I'd start it on the 17th (today), and that worked last year, but this time the promo got released much earlier. :)
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  15. Just saying it's been about 31 hours and they still aren't up.

    Still not sold in shop, technically.
  16. Keep in mind the real release is today, and Aikar works today and is working on a big project at work, so can be delayed.
  17. The real release was actually yesterday seeing as that's when the promos were publicly released to EMC.
  18. Yesterday is what it was stated as a "Early Release" Like the shop signs, not the Official release.... And like i said, Aikar works during the day... Plus there is no reason to rush, they will be out for like 2-3 weeks anyways...
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  19. How was it an "early release like the shop signs"? The promos were officially released to everyone. Some promos do not go into the shop, so please explain to me how the promos not yet making it into the shop means it was just an "early release"
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  20. Instead of getting into a fight, I will let Krysyy explain it to you...
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