Happy I-Day! Liberty Swords & More!

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  1. If you don't know the story of the 'messy divorce' that resulted in the United States of America being free and no longer under reign of those Red Coats.....well we'll just leave that for you to Google. Nowadays we love our Brits dearly and only celebrate our divorce once or so a year, like normal exes.

    This year on EMC, we are releasing the Liberty Sword. When using this item in your right hand (or holding it in your left hand) your attack speed is increased by 20%. So what does this mean? There are two different ways for you to enjoy your new sword. You can either use it to fight off the monsters directly OR you can equip it in your left hand (instead of a shield) and receive the added attack speed on whichever attack item you choose to use in your right hand. (ignore the notes about on your head, etc. Until Mojang makes that easier to remove, we're stuck with it even though any sane person knows you don't go around with a sword on your head)

    In addition to the sword, we are also including your choice of the updated fireworks. For you Americans out there, show off your red, white, and blue spirit with our Independence Day Firework. For you Brits, you can also show off your red, white, and blue spirit (evidently we kept your color scheme in the divorce). For everyone else or people that are just tired of the red, white, and blue, there's a random generation Empire Firework that goes through ALL the colors. Type /promo iday to claim yours!

    In addition,each of the above items have been added to the Empire Shop at /shop for purchase fora nominal fee along with a re-selling of the Meteor Bow from last year. This item is too much fun to only release for one year, then never again. Note: There is no year associated with the Bow and it is identical to last year's release. For more info about the Meteor Bow, check out the wiki: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/meteor-bow/

    Now everyone knows that for a good July 4th celebration, you have to include food. Taste The Freedom steaks are back! Simply kill a couple cows, and this delicious treat is all yours for your cookout. Read up on our wiki for more details: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/taste-the-freedom/

    Now for the non-Independence Day features that were included in this update:

    New Feature: Choose Shop!
    A long time ago, we added [SLOT] signs as a way to sell lore and special items. We were never really pleased with the design of that system, as it is unclear on what the person was buying until after the first click, and then lead to problems with stock.

    The 1.9 update introduced a new way of shop signs to solve many of those problems, but it still didn't cover all bases that the [SLOT] sign did, such as selling multiple horse eggs with similar stats for same price, and similar cases.

    Now, we have finally came up with a new form of shop signs that will allow players to sell multiple items from a single chest for the same price: the Choose Shop!

    With Choose signs, they can operate in 3 ways. Reference above pic for examples:
    1. Entire Chest - [CHOOSE] Every slot in the chest that is filled is subject to being bought. Ex: The melon, haystack, or soulsand would be eligible for purchase in the above picture.
    2. Ranged Based Chest - [CHOOSE 1-2] would only expose slots 1-2 to buying (rest of items hidden) Ex: Only The melon or the haystack could be purchased.
    3. Single Slot Chest - [CHOOSE 2] only the item in slot 2 can be purchased (rest of items hidden) Ex: Only the haystack could be purchased.
    Note: If you have multiple of the same item in the chest, the choose sign will pull from your identified slot last (so as to preserve the identification logic).
    Shop owners may still open the choose interface (to verify it is showing the items you wish it to), but as usual, you can't buy from yourself....

    With this, [SLOT] signs have been removed from EMC, and will automatically convert on use.
    • If the slot sign is a "Your shop buys items from other players" type sign, and has an item in the slot to reference, it will auto convert to one of the new stored item signs created using # on last line.
    • If it was not a sell based sign, or does not have an item to reference, it will convert into a choose sign locked to that exact slot. This choose sign would be locked to only the slot the slot sign was targeting, and nothing else in in the chest, so there should be a smooth transition in features needed.
    Other Misc Changes
    As usual, many bug fixes and small misc changes are included in this update!
    • When setting flags that give warnings using the res flag commands, those same warnings now display on the chest gui versions too.
    • enderpearl:chorusfruit subflag added
    • parent flags are now in the tab complete list before subflags, so things like /res set ender<tab> will go to enderpearl before enderpearl:chorusfruit
    • Some shop message grammar has been updated
    • made the "Another shop sign detected" logic smarter
    • Added fish:entity subflag (So we can do creature capture again!)
    • Group system code has received some cleanup. nothing new but let us know if something broke
    • Readded message about dropping soulbound items
    • Improved logic with dropping soulbound items to fix some edge case where items could be eaten. The Soulbound Eater monster has hopefully been slayed.
    • When killing players with bows in offhand in PvP, death messages should show the correct weapon on hover now.
    • item:drop is no longer a flag that requires owners have explicit permissions
    • RTS Teleport Signs should hopefully work consistently now. Message chickeneer if you have any issues.
    • Some updates to avoid kicking for flying due to game bugs
    • A new notifcation has been added for shop owners, that on login if it has been more than 15 minutes since your last login, to let you know the count of how many transactions your shop has had since you were last on. Example below:
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  2. Go Canada. :p Good Murica Day to you guys :)

    Thanks for the promos and cool new features!
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  3. Happy 4th of July all you 'Muricans :)

    EDIT: Wanted to add this in c:

  4. Happy 4th, everyone! :)

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  5. Yay thanks Devs and EMC staff for all the new goodies!
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  6. Happy 4th o July everyone <3
  7. First !

    The Choose sign is brilliant !!! Nice work !
  8. Happy 4th of July guys! :)
  9. This update and promo sponsored by 5 hour energy!

    Would have been out sooner, but we wanted to include the extra stuff and a few things kept breaking...
  10. A couple follow-up notes:
    1. If you still experience strange behavior with RTS signs not teleporting properly, please let me know. (should work though)
    2. Choose signs will pull from the selected slot LAST. (just like slot signs did).
  11. Happy 4th of July to all you eggs!
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  12. Yes finally that teleport sign bug is fixed (hopefully)
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  13. Added to main post, in human speak.
  14. And I had Krysyy create all of the promo items and setup to avoid the common Aikar blunder of multiple versions of the same item =P (We had one item using &4 from shop and &c from /promo one year....)
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  15. Happy 4th of july peeps!
    also thanks for the great new goodies! :D
  16. *cough* 2014 *cough* We didn't trust you last year either...
  17. If you claim the thing from /promo, it gives you the items and not the chest. Was that intended?
  18. This was something we started a few promos back to prevent the chest itself becoming a separate promo.
  19. :(
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  20. Why did you let chin help?
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