Good Samaritan Award: WINNER ANNOUNCED

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    Grand Prize
    Grand prize winner wins this!
    Stack of Pumpkin Pie
    DC of Alliums
    130% Speed Horse (x2)
    108% Speed Donkey (x2)
    2014 Birthday Cake
    Vault Voucher (x5)
    Stable Voucher
    Cupid's Bow
    Haunted Head
    ICC Valentine's Day Head
    Empire Armor (80k Boots)
    318,500 rupees


    SMP1: eviltoade
    SMP2: ShelLuser
    SMP3: Luckypat
    SMP5: shavingfoam
    SMP6: AnonReturns
    SMP7: highlancer54
    SMP8: cadenman2002
    SMP9: TechNinja_42

    Server Prize
    Each server winner wins this!
    2012 EMC New Years Firework
    Cupid's Bow
    Stack of Pumpkin Pie
    70,000 rupees

    Thank You to Spies and Donors

    I'd like to give a massive thank you to all of the spies who worked so hard to find all of these Good Samaritans. Though I did have to fill in some holes at the end, the vast majority was done by these wonderful people, and it would not have been possible without them. :)

    Another thank you to all of our donors as well, which can be viewed on the original thread listed at the top. I got a massive amount of donations from this project, which I think makes this award more special than ever. The Good Samaritan Award truly was raised by Good Samaritans. :)

    Thanks for making this award great, EMC. Remember, even if you didn't win or didn't appear as a voting option, that doesn't mean you aren't a Good Samaritan! We are a community that thrives on kindness, and this award would not be possible without the kind environment that all of you create!
  2. Woohoo! Finally. :) Good luck to everyone.
  3. *sees name on form*
  4. Votes even though I know like five people on the form :cool:
  5. Voted, although I don't agree with some of nominees. Were the spies all in US timezone?
  6. Honestly, we had no way of controlling it. As Olaf said, he tried to control time zones last year and it didn't work. :l If you aren't happy with some nominees, just don't vote for them. :)
  7. Voted, though I left some smp's blank cuz I didn't recognize any names on the list, or cuz I didn't feel strongly about any of those players.
    good luck to you all!
    *cheers for some names loudly* *you guys know who you are*
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  8. Thread added to front page for voting. This IS a community centered post that is for the benefit of the community. It was brought to me weeks before it was started in order to receive permission as is customary.
  9. Arg, such tough choices. I just want to pick everyone. :p
  10. I voted mainly for people I see helping on forums, do not see alot of the people from these servers in game, I only mainly go on 7 2 1 and utopia lol.

    Love this event you are hosting Hash.
  11. Another "woohoo" for the front page! :D
  12. You forgot two people, though.
    Krysyy--smp late-nights-out-typing-stuff-up-for-EMC
    Aikar--smp those-busy-days-when-he-crawls-over-to-program-after-work
  13. I just voted for a random person on each server.. :p
  14. Ooh, it got frontpaged :D
  15. Voted although some of the choices were quite difficult to make. >.<
  16. I have voted :)
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