Gold & Iron Farms Nerft in 1.8

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  1. The reason for it being a "rare drop" is all explained in the video.
  2. Gold farms also nerfed! Another fix here again!
  3. So far I'm not liking 1.8...
  4. I think the goldfarm problem isn't that big of a deal since because most people prefer to manually kill pigmen. But still, thats pretty big of Mojang to be nerfing gold and iron
  5. Jc doesnt either...

  6. This would be bad enough for me to quit Minecraft, my signature should be enough evidence of that. :(
    The computer I afk on is not nearly strong enough to handle hundreds of golems, nor can the server or the entcount.

    Also I was already in the process of building a decent sized gold farm. Looks like that will be a bust too...
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  7. Yea if it werent for entcount you MIGHT be able to handle iron. atleast we all know iron prices will go up....
  8. Thnx mojang, now how i get back my 1 week of life by creating a gold farm!!! Tembo mojang pudrite!!!
  9. Well this ruins how everything in the future 3 months was gonna work out T.T
  10. Good going mojang -_- killing the damn game for everyone
  11. The new update just shows that you can't obtain iron or gold by fall damage, but you can still hit them for gold and iron
  12. Yup :)
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  13. It has been going on for a while now. :/
  14. What about killing them with lava? Or do you have to manually killed them?
  15. You HAVE to manually kill them. You can use a mob softener as the video said to make them 1 hit though.
  16. and the potion looting affect will still work :)
  17. There goes the option of getting gold with my looting III sword :rolleyes:
  18. You can still use looting 3 on pigmen to get gold lol.
  19. The Moral of the Story? Everybody purchase insane amounts of iron and gold before it updates and prices skyrocket.