[Giveaway] Celebrating My Birthday! (Steam Games + Promos)

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What type of Prize do you want to be added to the Giveaway?

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Promo 21 vote(s) 39.6%
Another Rupee prize 7 vote(s) 13.2%
Something random? 25 vote(s) 47.2%
  1. Background Info:
    Today is my birthday, I decided to give back the community since I had items to give away. As of March 3 2015 7:35 PM (PST) I'll be 17...

    Congrats to all the winners! I'll send convos to you if won a steam game. If you won the other prizes, they will be mailed/sent to you...

    Orion Prelude (Steam Game):
    - ElfinPineapple0
    - shanekas
    - jenetica
    - XxE3choxX Mayoman100 ( XxE3choxX gave it away)
    VVVVVV (Steam game):
    - AmusedStew Rosy2696 (AmusedStew gave it away)
    50,000 Rupees:
    - PineappleGem
    Labor Bench 2014 and Stable Voucher:
    - SkyDragonV8
    2014 Birthday Cake and Dragon Fragment:
    - Deadmaster98
    - epic0258
  2. Numbers:
    1. golddigger221
    2. flamingpotato42
    3. TigerstarMC
    4. SkyDragonV8
    6. cadenman2002
    7. AmusedStew
    8. TechNinja_42
    9. tuqueque
    10. NathanRP
    11. TheKloned
    12. Chocolate800
    13. Ulimate_GG
    14. Ultimamaxx
    15. colepuncher
    16. BailiB
    17. xHaro_Der
    18. NamiMay
    19. Chespinlover77
    20. slash14459
    21. BabyCreepersRules
    22. georgerashington
    23. MistyLou
    24. nfell2009
    25. meerkatman1
    26. Deadmaster98
    27. Whatsthefoxsay1
    28. XxE3choxX
    29. Jake81201
    30. ChickenDice
    31. MasterDude13
    32. MasterMockery
    33. ElfinPineapple0
    34. NetherSpecter
    35. mman2832
    36. RebelSpartan0826
    37. VolcromRaptor
    38. cube45
    39. epic0258
    40. MrsWishes
    41. boozle628
    42. hallandr721
    43. LtCaptainMe
    44. jkrmnj
    45. crafter31211
    46. jay2a
    47. Traynfreek
    48. DemonThunder345
    49. SteamingFire
    50. AwesomeBuilder33
    51. BanditLM
    52. tomijo95
    53. 607
    54. Miner40
    55. jtc0999
    56. Evesthery
    57. PineappleGem
    58. Qwerty189
    59. EmoryCrafts
    60. chaselesniak
    61. darksuperlord
    62. shanekas
    63. ztk11
    64. jenetica
    65. UnovaWarriorX
    66. Mayoman100
    67. mercenaries2009
    68. ekikandrade
    69. Candi_
    70. Rosy2696
    71. Man_bear_Pig_
    72. Nightkawk3846ALT
  3. Hay, my fav cake is ICC flavoured. From a cow and ice cream. Congrats on almost 17! I had a birthday party, quitest birthday party possible. Never above 40 decibels.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My favorite type of cake is vanilla with vanilla frosting :p

    Last birthday I went out for tacos :3
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  5. Happy Birthday! I like Chocolate and I ate food on my last birthday.
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  6. Obvious much? Lol
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  7. My favorite cake is Chocolate Icecream Cake.

    On my last birthday, I celebrated it at a restaurant.
  8. My favorite cake is ice cream cookie dough cake. I celebrated my birthday by doing a 10k race and eating out.
  9. My favorite cake has got to be birthday flavored cake. :p
    But really, I kinda like key lime cake (combining key like pie and chocolate cake. :))

    I celebrated my last birthday with Stephen Harper. ^-^
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  10. Happy Bday!

    I do not like cake much... If I had to choose it would be chocolate. Buy I like Ice cream on my Bday- I have some nice good mocha ice cream.

    My last bday was last month and I celebrated it by playing Call of Duty all day....
  11. I like all cake :p But of course, Ice Cream always makes cake better...
    My last Birthday (2 days ago) was celebrated by eating Hot Dogs and Fries with my parents :cool:

    Happy 17th birthday hope you enjoyed it!
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  12. happy B-Day!

    Hope you will enjoy it. Have a Great Time

    Last B-day i had a party with friends. My Favorite type of Cake is chocolate flavoured cake.
  13. Happy b-day dj!
    EDIT: i like chocolate cake and I went on vaction with a friend for my last bday
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  14. Happy B-day :)

    My fav cake is cheese cake! My last bday I went to a movie with my daughter.
  15. My favorite cake is chocolate :) (hint my username) :p and I celebrated my birthday by having a party at my house and going bowling. (Parents divorced so two parties! :p :D) Early congrats to all the winners!
  16. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite cake is marble cheesecake! [vanilla & chocolate] My last birthday I went to the theater with my closest friends. :D
  17. (Sorry for posting twice) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
  18. Happy birthday :) I like chocolate cake and I gave away 50k last year on my birthday...to the wrong person

  19. Happy birthday

    favorite cakeeeee: vanilla
    i celebrated my birthday with a 5k giveaway. EDIT: make sure the steam game is nothing higher than E10+ rating
  20. Happy birthday! Here's to many more :)

    My favorite birthday cake is red velvet, with a cream cheese frosting. My most recent birthday party was spent with close friends and family, with a huge crowd on mumble to help me celebrate.