[GIVEAWAY] 100 days = 76,000r in Prizes!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ElfinPineapple, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. UPDATE: Contest is now closed to entries. See page 6 for the winners.

    I'm currently 12 days from my 100th Day. So to celebrate I'm going to give back to the community as a token of appreciation for all the friends I've made and the fun I've had.

    On March 18th at 9:30 PM
    One hundred days after I joined the server
    I will be giving away the following prizes:

    Grand Prize: 1 Emergency Snow Clearing Device (approximate retail value of 35,000r)
    1st Runner up: 2014 Labor Bench (approximate retail value of 20,000r)
    2nd Runner up: 10,000r
    3rd Runner up: 1 Stack of Diamonds (approximate retail value of 6,720r)

    In addition, five people who did not win
    will be eligible to win a 1,000r consolidation prize.

    Winners will be selected from random.org using the post number at the bottom right hand corner

    EDIT: Clearly, this sounded a lot better than it ended up being. As a result, I am listing people in the order they are posted and assigning them a sequential number based on when they entered. Since random.org does not let me remove numbers from the drawing on subsequent draws, I will be using R, an open-source statistical program, to create a 9-item sample group out of the entries - I can run a command that'll let me bypass the problem. The numbers will be compared to the Excel spreadsheet, in which the names assigned to each number resides, and winners will be announced shortly after 9:30 PM EMC time on March 18th.


    To enter, simply post saying you want to enter and ask a question of me. I've gotten to know a lot of you so it's high time a lot of you got the chance to know me as well. :)

    Lastly, staff members have something special cooking up just for them that day. Because of that, they are welcome to enter the grand prize drawing but will not be in the running for the consolidation prize drawing should they not win. Senior staff, if they have an alternative account, can get that special something as well. Just send me a PM with the name of your non-minty alt account and I'll add it to the mailing list. :)

    Best of luck to you all and long live the mighty Empire Minecraft!

    EDIT: I want these contributions to go towards people in good standing at EMC. Thus, all names drawn will be checked for current bans. If a ban is in place, the name will be thrown out and another entry will be drawn. It's last second, but I don't want those undergoing EMC discipline to recieve any form of RNG-related gain during their time-out period.
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  2. First!
    You know I'm entering this badboy.
    *edit* Are you an elf, a pineapple, or a mix of both?
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  3. well i wanted number 7 :p
    but seems im gonna be number 1 :(
    now the question:
    you are walking around town and you see a purple chicken running around :eek:
    what do you do?
    and if you catch it:
    what are you going to do with it :p

    EDIT: number 2 :p
  4. I would like to enter please XP
    Do you like trains?
    Number 3
  5. Congrats on 100 days! How did you find EMC? And yes I would like to be entered in :)
  6. Congratz! I would like to be entered and Do you like caramel?...im serious :D
  7. Oh yeaaaa
    Hmm...so what happens when an elf eats a pinapple...just wondering...that is all.
    Im number 4

    EDIT: Number 6 :/
  8. My masters tried out some metamorphosis voodoo on me. Supposedly I am an elf inside a pineapple, but for some reason I ended up with a creeper head. I think they added too large a dose of lightning.

    Chickeneer lost his marbles a while back and put an Enraged Chickeneer inside one of the waterfalls in the smp5 town spawn. I've been trying to get it out so I can egg it but no such luck!

    But if it was purple? Well, then I'd swear that it was a spy of Krysyy trying to keep us all in line! If I caught it, I'd put it in a cage with the sign *Here stands the spy of Krysyy - Beware!*

    Not into them personally, but I got a friend who is crazy about them in Indiana. The concept of trains coming through makes him go crazy....I personally don't see the thrill of it but who am I to complain. There's far worse hobbies to get involved in. ;)

    Friend of mine joined a few days before I did from another server. He liked what he saw and contacted me to see if I was interested. I dropped by and got hooked pretty quickly.

    My only early regret when joining is getting the ESCD and using it to clear out part of my res on smp2 rather than hoarding it for the money. :)

    I'm terrified to make that stuff because it's so easy to butcher, but man does it taste good - almost better than cake (but the lie still wins!) There was a bucket of caramel popcorn in the political science lounge at my school last semester and a graduate assistant and I were battling each other constantly to grab some of it. :p

    Did you ever wonder why pineapples have no limbs? My kin eats them off. I tell them not to but they never listen to me :'(

    Thanks to all who entered so far!
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  9. I would like to enter. What is your opinion on Vocaloids?
  10. I want to enter XD.
    What is your favorite sport?
  11. i would like to enter

    What's your favorite memory of Emc as of this date.

    Numbers> guess 12
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  12. I would like to enter
    What is your favourite promo in EMC?
  13. Congratulations ^_^ I'd love to enter :) What SMP do you consider your home and why?
  14. I would love to enter

    Do you like me? :p
  15. count me in :p what is your favorite smp
  16. Music was awesome, still trying to wrap my head around the lyrics.

    Football, and not the American form (though it is pretty good in of itself)

    Oh such a tough question. Chin naming netherhounds after me in mob arena. Ganging up on a marlix in the frontier with some friends, nearly killing a momentus on my own 10 days into the server. It'd probably be a tie between those three.

    Another tough question. Probably the Turkey Slicer because I killed a Super Turkey two months after the promo ended and it dropped one. :)

    Started in SMP5 when I first joined and migrated over to smp2 when I found out my friends were there. It's a quirky server with a lot of great people and even more great laughs.

    Today is opposite day in everything we say, so I am obligated to inform you that no I do not like you. :p

    Split between 2 and utopia. :)
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  17. I am entering ;)

    Are you a town person or do you live in the wild... or neither?
  18. I would like to enter. Have you ever collected pokemon cards?
  19. I'd like t'enter ;)
    Is the dress black and blue or gold and white? :eek:
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  20. Well if it's opposite day then I don't want to enter
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