Gaming Clones? (Byeforever’s Public Blogging 4)

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  1. Hello,
    video games can vary with how they influence the players; many of them are real-time action based while others, like Minecraft and the main Pokemon series, encourage creativity.
    Earlier this year, I have identify a few common characteristics of these kinds of communities. Within the fan-base of Minecraft and Pokemon at least, I think there are a lot with little creativity and a smaller portion with a lot. I also thought of describing in percentages, ratios, etc. between a person’s creativity and fruitlessness.

    “No one in this world is 100% original” -Xisuma.

    Creativity isn't always consistent for everyone. One could be more creative on one day than another.
    “It’s something you either have or you don’t” -BDoubleO.

    Your surroundings could also influence creativity.
    “If you’re engaged in violence, your creativity (Edit: could be) limited” -Docm.

    Now I know that everyone has their own personalities and/or interests. Two people could like the same game for different reasons; one may enjoy Minecraft for adventuring while the other may love to build.
    I find most of the games with their creative persuasion, direct or not, have been successful in popularity from how they stand out from a minority of the industry. But this is when I find the quantity between the highly creative and unimaginative concerning. Is there a future threat of a decrease in creativity over more people? I’ll be providing some examples to explain myself to you.

    #1) Across Empire Minecraft, squared shelters can be found on many residences. You find out the residence of someone you like has ones of those minimalistic houses. Then, you feel pessimistic about them and lose your interest with the other person.
    Luckily, experienced players in our community offer building services; I end up stand out from them with my Building Guide thread series. I would rather have people learn how create as good as the professionals then be lazy and have someone else do all the work if they don’t have an elaborate reason.
    If you want to follow me, check out my Building Guide series; links to the threads are at the end of this post.

    #2) Some people may have an enjoyment to build on EMC, but they don’t have the resources available to them and doesn't want to earn their own supplies. Most likely for this reason, we have rupees that can be spent at other players’ shops. But then there are issues of people not having the funds to buy what they want.
    To summarize, they are some people of EMC who are lazy at preparation, and/or do not understand work ethic. If you don’t understand work ethic, I would probably say ‘go back to school if you want to succeed’.

    #3) The previous two examples were based on this server. For any Pokemon fans around, this one is for you.;)

    A popular aspect of the Pokemon franchise is PVP(player vs. player), or the competitive aspect. This is structured as a meta-game with tiers ranging from usually never used to overused in order of the least popular Pokemon to the most. Pokemon may not be only classified into a tier by their popularity, but to counter those within it. Every Pokemon has their own strengths and weaknesses which can be determined by their type(s), ability, base stats, effort values (EVs), move-set, held item, etc.
    Because of most of these factors, players may assume that a Pokemon is used in one particular way. I also find that the meta-game doesn't consist of any of the newer battle formats as of generation 6, Triple, Rotation, and Inverse Battles, appear to be unavailable, and I do not know exactly why. I know most competitive battles are Singles where the players frequently withdraw their Pokemon to avoid any easily predicted winning match-ups, and because of this entry hazards, which are created through the moves Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web, have been used to punish the use of this essential tactic. If I explained this any further, it would go on endlessly. This is probably the start of the countering chain:
    Entry hazards punish the enemy withdrawing Pokemon, Rapid Spin removes the hazards, a Ghost type is sent out to negate the effects of this normal-type move that they’re immune to, even its secondary effect which honestly do not make sense, etc.

    In fact, this topic of the Pokemon meta-game has become too overwhelming for me to explain completely, but if you find the exact same Pokemon very frequently in competitive battling you might understand.

    There are people in the world that are creative and have the ability to make something unique, but there are also those who don’t share this.
    Could the amount of the highly creative people drop in today’s world? We can’t enjoy life as much without change.
    I think people should follow their interests and show the world their potential; this has been done for generations and should continue into the future. “Life is never consistent; there will be change” -Edited quote by Docm.

    Tell me your thoughts, if any.
    Also, what do think is your percentage of creativity and why?

    If in advance for your participation, thank you.:)

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  2. Gg Life Explained
  3. This post makes it sound like building in minecraft is the only way you can be creative and you call everyone who doesn't build something amazing in minecraft people with 'little creativity'. There are many other ways in which people can be creative. For example, Kuraudochuu is really creative in her singing but in minecraft, pokemon and other games she isn't able to share that. People can also be creative in writing, personal relationships, cooking and so on (too many to list hehe).
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  4. I'm sorry if the top post makes you feel like video games define one's talent. The information is based on my own studies.
  5. Just to clarify, that is not my view, I don't think video games define one's talents. I just said I interpreted your post to say that you believe that (you think people's creativity can only be measured by what people do in an online game).
    About your own studies: have you ever spent enough time with every minecraft player to see what they do in real life? Maybe you don't find them creative enough in minecraft, but they might be a talented musician, actor, coder and you just don't know about it.
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  6. You kinda made it sound like if you don't play Minecraft and/or Pokemon, you aren't creative ._. I know you didn't mean to come across that way, but you did xD

    As Palmsugar said, people can express their creativity through writing, relationships, cooking, art, singing etc.. For example; I'd rather go and murder a bajillion mobs out in the wild and set up camps and stuff than build a brick house with a garden and a picket fence. Not exactly creative, but i'm not a creative person in that way. The ideas I come up with in my head for stories and games, though... they're...erm... creative. I would love to make them all a thing I can sell and stuff when i'm older, which has been my dream for 10 years now.

    For example; Space Pirates :D You build a ship, establish bases for humans, and choose a side to fight on; the rebellion, NASAIFL (National Aeronautics and Space Administration Is For Losers), or just be a Space Pirate and get asteroid booty and stuff. Open world-y, Space Engineer-y, and Faster Than Light-y game :p My creativity comes off others (THAT MAY NOT SOUND CREATIVE TO YOU BUT THE 2 BILLION IDEAS I HAVE FOR IT ARE :p), and that's what it does for everyone ^_________^
  7. Right. I should get to know players more than what they in Minecraft or even other games. I think I gotta update my Forever Company Application.;)

  8. After last night, my thoughts had changed on your feedback, Palm and Soul. I originally thought you responses were negative, you've been actually constructive.
    Also, it's been more difficult for me to get optimistic then back during what I call my 'Golden gaming period' with my Nintendo Wii.
    I think the simple answer is: I know much more in general now, and believe this has been an issue for other people as they age.;)
  9. more knowledge is always better :)
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