Games Server Coming August 2017!

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  1. Games Server
    Coming August 2017!

    A few of you may have noticed when typing /staff that some of your favorite greenies are hanging out on this 'games' server. Others may have noticed it on the side bar and listed under 'Development Status'. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

    We are nearing the launch of the Empire Minecraft Games Server! *hype*

    Over the next days, our awesome Contribution Team Leads are going to be updating the wiki with the relevant knowledge about each of the games you will be seeing on this new server. Our amazing Build Team did a fantastic job with each of these builds and we cannot wait for you to explore and see it all first-hand, but we've got a few things left to test, break, and test again before you can.

    We're hoping for early August 2017, but it depends on the complications that arise in this final round of testing. A big round of applause goes to our developers, who are working tirelessly to fix all problems quickly so that we can all play without accidentally breaking everything. *points to Chin*

    So spread the word and get ready, because it's right around the corner!
  2. Best birthday present ever (yes, I get to be excited about these too)!
  3. Woot woot, build that hype!
  4. Excited for this to finally open. :D
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  5. Let the GIF posting commence!
  6. Definitely looking forward to this and all the hype pics that will be posted here. xD
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  7. Surprising...
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  8. *SUPERI0N was slain by Excitement*
    Ok, horrible joke ik xD


  9. Oh my god, this is great! This should be fun
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  10. :confused: idk how i feel about this....
    Cant tell if excited or....
    (bad joke)
    I'll go home now
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  11. My job on games atm
  12. Awesome! I can't wait for this epic addition to Emc. Contrib team gets a sneak peek? Nice too. ;)
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  13. Sounds FUN!
  14. I want this job.
  15. Waiii- I haven't added the [Some stuff you'll see soon]
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  16. I'm on the graphic. :D

    But in all seriousness, it's gonna be a party when games is set loose. I can't wait to hear what you all think of it!
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